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ALDI Teases Its Festive Chocolate Range For Christmas 2020

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ALDI is the latest supermarket to tease its festive range for Christmas 2020.

Last year's range gave us the handsome Moser Roth Giant Nutcracker and the aptly-named Specially Selected Exquisite Chocolate Bauble. This December, we can expect to see the likes of Specially Selected Truffle Pigs In Blankets and Specially Selected Three Giant Pigs In Blanket hitting the shelves. And while the Plant Menu Vegan Turkey and the Specially Selected Trio of Smoked Salmon sound interesting, it's the chocolate I'm most interested in.

ALDI shared information on a trio of treats with me, on what's in-store later this year.

Specially Selected Exquisite Artisan Collection

ALDI Specially Selected Exquisite Artisan Collection
A delightful collection of chocolates. Photo credit to ALDI

Looking like something you'd expect to find in a Hotel Chocolat store, ALDI's Specially Selected Exquisite Artisan Collection is certainly a beautiful array of milk, white and dark chocolate bonbons.

Judging by the photo, we can expect to find chocolate batons, filled chocolates, and chocolate florentines in the box. ALDI claim "each chocolate is beautifully handcrafted as a work of art" and that there will be an assortment of "chocolate truffles, caramels, ganache's, and pralines". There's no denying that these look stunning and would undoubtedly be given as gifts this Christmas. The boxes will also be a popular choice for after dinner treats at Christmas get-togethers.

Exact details on flavours have yet to be revealed, and I wonder how these will compare - in terms of cocoa percentages and ingredients - to the festive range over at Hotel Chocolat?

Launching surprisingly late, you'll find these in the festive section of the store from Thursday 3rd December 2020.

Specially Selected Geometric Domes

ALDI Specially Selected Geometric Domes
An indulgent pudding. Photo credit to ALDI

While the shape could have perhaps been more creative, or even festive-themed, you can't deny that this chocolate pudding looks tasty.

Two varieties will be available - Black Forest plus Lemon and Berry. The Specially Selected Black Forest Geometric Dome boasts a milk chocolate shell filled with a dark Belgian chocolate mousse. A blackcurrant and cherry compote sits atop sponge in the centre.

The Specially Selected Lemon and Berry Geometric Dome instead features a white Belgian chocolate shell surrounding a Sicilian lemon mousse. At the centre is a winter-berry compote with a layer of sponge cake.

Find this in the chilled aisle from Saturday 19th December 2020.

Dairyfine Hot Chocolate Melting Snowman

ALDI Dairyfine Hot Chocolate Melting Snowman
Snowmen hot chocolate stirrers. Photo credit to ALDI

I suspect these fellas will be incredibly popular both as indulgent treats and as Christmas presents for chocoholics this year. These cute milk and white chocolate snowmen hide marshmallows and chocolate drops inside. Just pop them into a mug of hot milk and stir to melt to make an instant hot chocolate.

These are a fun and whimsical way to make hot chocolate and will be loved by both kids and adults alike.

You'll find this in the festive section of the store from Sunday 27th September 2020.

As for the remainder of the festive range, some items will being appearing in stores from September, with the remainder of the range in by December.

Also expect to see seven festive hampers available too, including The Ultimate Celebration Hamper, The Vegan Hamper, and The Luxury Collection Hamper. Of course, it's The Chocolate Celebration Hamper that sounds the best, filled with premium chocolate treats, the milk, white and dark chocolate collection, Florentines, truffles, biscuits, honeycomb, and more. Prices and availability have yet to be confirmed for these products.

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Which of these would find its way into your shopping basket? Let me know in the comments below.

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