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22 Mouthwatering Giant Chocolate Box Assortments You Can Buy Online

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To say thank you. To say sorry. To wish someone luck. To express gratitude. To congratulate somebody. To grovel, and to (try to) get out of the doghouse. To wish a happy birthday. To say thank you to parents and step-parents on Mother's Day or Father's Day. To impress guests at a dinner party. To serve as canapés or coffee treats. To send to a secret crush on Valentine's Day. To give as a Christmas present.

Whatever your reason, I'm sure you'll agree there's plenty of occasions where a large box of chocolates is the perfect gift idea. The romanticism of chocolate and our intrinsic nature to treat others with thoughtful gifts means a box of chocolates has long been our go-to gift. And they are everywhere, spanning the full gamut of price points, from the cheap, no-frills selection boxes to lavish, over-the-top assortment boxes.

That got me thinking, though. With the masses of small, cheap boxes of chocolate, there's a risk that the sentiment of thoughtfully giving a box of special chocolates is fast losing its way. Giving a box of tasteless cheap chocolates no longer cuts it. So, where do you turn when you need something that properly wows? Something so incredible you'd adore to receive it as a gift yourself?

The rules of engagement are simple here. I'm looking for trays of chocolates (ideally assorted), ranging upwards from around 500g (or around 40 chocolates) (for reference, your typical supermarket selection box typically hovers around the 200g to 300g mark, with around a dozen to 20 chocolates). Romantic heart-shaped boxes have their own list. Ballotin boxes of loose chocolates, such as this Leonida's Luxury Assortment°, don't cut it either, despite normally representing excellent value for money. Equally, retail display boxes, such as the Fazer Geisha° or Fazer Fazermint° boxes don't feature below. They're perfect for a cheeky treat but not that impressive as a thoughtful or meaningful gift. I've ordered my list in descending weight order, with the heaviest chocolate boxes first.

1 Fortnum & Mason Milk & Dark Chocolate Selection Box

£220 | 2.275kg

Fortnum & Mason Milk & Dark Chocolate Selection Box
Photo credit to Fortnum & Mason

Presented in an ornately decorated box is this whopping collection of handmade English milk and dark chocolates. Gold foil print and beautiful decoration sit magnificently upon a backdrop of Fortnum's trademark Eau de Nil blue-green colour.

Inside, you'll find a sea of creams, caramels, marzipans, as well as fruit and nut clusters, with a variety of flavours from stem ginger to rose. Expect to find plenty of classics, including coffee, orange, and hazelnut pralines.

This flagship Fortnum & Mason box sits at the upper end of the spectrum. Smaller boxes of the Milk & Dark Chocolate Selection are also available (60g at £11.95; 115g at £16.95; 460g at £42 and 950g at £90).

Fortnum & Mason Milk & Dark Chocolate Selection Box

See it here

2 Charbonnel et Walker Boite Blanche Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

£280 | 2kg

Charbonnel et Walker Boite Blanche Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles
Photo credit to Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker never fails to impress, especially when it comes to sleek and sophisticated packaging. This massive box of salted caramel truffles is no exception.

The round white board box contains the Charbonnel et Walker logo in the centre in gold-foil print, and is finished with a large gold bow with royal blue text. Inside, you'll find a sea of Boite Blanche - a crisp milk chocolate shell hides a sea-salted liquid caramel centre. A light dusting of icing sugar finishes these beauties off, and each is presented in a paper case inside this magnificent-looking box.

Charbonnel et Walker Boite Blanche Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

See it here

3 Venchi 1878 Assorted Deluxe Gift Box

£140 | 1.55kg | 128 pieces

Venchi 1878 Assorted Deluxe Gift Box
Photo credit to Venchi 1878

This deluxe assortment gift box by Venchi 1878 delivers a slice of rich Italian chocolate here in Blighty. Presented in a simple yet elegant Venchi 1878 box is three trays of classic favourites. Each tray houses the popular ranges of Cremini (chocolate cubes), Granblend (chocolate Neapolitans) and Chocaviar (chocolate pearls that look like caviar) in differing varieties.

The result is a beautiful spread of Italian chocolates. This box is ideal for someone who loves milk and dark chocolate and delicious Gianduia, hazelnuts and pistachios.

Venchi 1878 Assorted Deluxe Gift Box

See it here°

4 Hotel Chocolat Signature Cabinet

£170 | 1.515kg | 147 pieces

Hotel Chocolat Signature Cabinet
Photo credit to Hotel Chocolat

Is it a piece of art, or a chocolate selection box? A bit of both, I think. This collection is perhaps the best way to explore the Hotel Chocolat range, with a bit of everything to suit all tastes and preferences. This showstopping statement piece is ideal as a flagship decoration at a dinner party, and will certainly wow and impress guests. It's also a fabulous gift for your nearest and dearest, or as a special gift for a family to share at any time of the year.

The selection is made up of favourites from across the Hotel Chocolat range, including: Wafer Praline; Raspberry Pannacotta; Caramel Cheesecake; Strawberry Cheesecake; Cherry Deluxe; Eton Mess; Gin Truffle; Blackcurrant Bombe; Orange Wafer; Mojito; Strawberry Cup; Lemon; Lime; Mango Smoothie; Passion Fruit; Tiramisu (one of my favourites from Hotel Chocolat's Patisserie range); Rhubarb & Custard; Supermilk Caesar; Lemon Cheesecake; Raspberry Smoothie; Trillionaire's Shortbread; Caramel Baton; 65% Supermilk Baton; 40% Milk Baton; 70% Dark Baton; White Baton; Passion Fruit Margarita; Salted Caramel Cream; Billionaire’s Shortbread; Walnut & Vanilla; Caffe Latte; Pecan Praline; Chilli Praline; Dark Truffle; 80% Dark Praline; Milk Truffle; Whisky Truffle; Blondie; Brownie; Dark Salted Caramel; Milk Salted Caramel; Cream Liqueur; Vanilla Macaron; Raspberry Macaron; Chocolate Macaron; Milk Dizzy Praline; Dark Dizzy Praline; Gianduja; and White Truffle.

The sleek black lidded box features glitter decorations and two hidden drawers of chocolate beneath.

Hotel Chocolat Signature Cabinet

See it here


  • The Large Chocolatier's Table - A massive single layer box of chocolates from across the Hotel Chocolate range. It serves up 1.35kg of chocolate for £105. See here.
  • The Chocolatier's Table - A smaller version of the Large box, coming in at £65 for 750g. See here.
  • The Dark Cabinet - A smaller version of the Signature Cabinet, with dark chocolate recipes only. The single draw lidded box weighs in at 540g and is priced at £55. See here.

5 Chocolate Gourmet Luxury Chocolate Box

£72 | 1.5kg | Up to 80 pieces

Chocolate Gourmet Luxury Chocolate Box
Photo credit to Chocolate Gourmet

This beautiful round chocolate box is decorated with chiffon and satin ribbons to really make an impact right from the moment of receiving it. Inside, you'll find 1.5kg of chocolates from Chocolate Gourmet's current range - which equates up to 80 pieces or there about - displayed in a single layer.

Your exact menu will depend on what's in stock at the time you order, but the current range includes the likes of: Whiskey Milk Chocolate; Waffle Milk Chocolate; Violet Dark Chocolate; 80% Dark Chocolate; Rum Milk Chocolate; Raspberry White & Dark Chocolate; Milk Chocolate Praline; Orange Dark & White Chocolate; Marzipan Milk Chocolate; Kir Royale Dark Chocolate; Florentine Milk & White Chocolate; Dark Chocolate Pistachio; Milk Chocolate Crème Brûlée; Dark Chocolate Cointreau; Dark Chocolate Chilli; Milk & White Chocolate Champagne; Liqueur Cherry Dark Chocolate; Kirsch Cherry Dark Chocolate; Caramel Dark Chocolate; and Milk & White Baileys cream.

Chocolate Gourmet Luxury Chocolate Box

See it here

6 Friars Signature Chocolate Box

£79.99 | 1.47kg | 96 pieces

Friars Signature Chocolate Box
Photo credit to Friars

Packing a hefty punch at 1,470 grams, this large gift box by Friars contains plenty of delicious treats - 96 in fact! Presented in a sleek black box, it is both a stylish product and eco-friendly too, featuring 100% biodegradable packaging.

While the exact selection might vary due to availability, the box typically contains Irish Cream Truffle; Strawberry Cupcake; Chilli & Lime; Vanilla Parfait; Florentine; Mousse au Chocolat, Dark Rum Truffle, Classic Milk Caramel; Cherry Truffle; Soft Caramel Truffle; Coffee Cream; Champagne Truffle; Honey Crunch; Banoffee; Crème Brûlée; Milk Chocolate Truffle; Stawberry & Champagne Truffle; Dark Caramel; Eton Mess; Milk Rum Truffle; Spiced Cranberry Bombe; Vanilla Truffle; Vanilla Walnut Cream; and Enrobed Marzipan.

Friars Signature Chocolate Box

See it here

7 Amelie Chocolat Big Box Of Chocolates

£55 | 1.2kg | Approximately 75 pieces

Amelie Chocolat Big Box Of Chocolates
Photo credit to Amelie Chocolat

This cube box is perfect for those that love the surprise of uncovering another layer of chocolates - and another! The intricately decorated lid lifts off revealing a collection of 75 chocolates across three layers.

Flavours are picked from Amelie Chocolat's latest range, but typically includes the likes of Rum Ganache; Milk Chocolate Caramel; Ginger Ganache; Kirsch Cherry Praline; and Coffee Ganache, plus many more.

This delightful chocolate box is finished with a hand-tied ribbon and a personalised message card.

Amelie Chocolat Big Box Of Chocolates

See it here

8 Hamiltons Chocolatiers Premium Luxury Gift Box

£69.99 | 1.15kg | 96 pieces

Hamiltons Chocolatiers Premium Luxury Gift Box
Photo credit to Hamiltons Chocolatiers

For a more traditional classic box of chocolates, Hamiltons Chocolatiers has you covered. A bumper assortment of 96 creams and truffles sit beneath an ivory textured gift box. A contrasting satin ribbon completes the look.

Inside, there's 48 truffles and 48 chocolate creams, in an assortment of milk, white and dark chocolates. Flavours typically include Apricot Cream; Champagne Cream; Cherry Brandy Cream; Milk Coffee Cream; Rum & Raisin Cream; Soft Caramel Cup; Strawberry Cream; Wild Cherry Cream; Amaretto Truffle; Champagne Truffle; Chocolate Truffle; Coconut Truffle; Cointreau Truffle; Ginger Truffle; Malibu Truffle; Praline & Almond Truffle; Praline & Hazelnut Truffle; Rum & Coffee Truffle; Rum Truffle; and Vanilla Truffle.

Hamiltons Chocolatiers Premium Luxury Gift Box

See it here

9 Patchi Les Essentiels Assorted Chocolate Box

£100 | 1.1kg | 76 pieces

Patchi Les Essentiels Assorted Chocolate Box
Photo credit to Patchi

Patchi is an Middle Eastern brand, with boutiques spanning from Oman to Morocco, with a concession in London's Harrods. As such, you can order this vibrant box of chocolates for delivery in the UK. Beneath the ribbon-finished lid sits 76 individually wrapped chocolates in a symmetrical design, each imprinted with the symbol from the Patchi logo.

This box contains seven varieties: Prestige (milk chocolate with pistachio croquant); Capricio (milk chocolate with gianduja cream and pistachio pieces); Passion (strawberry dark chocolate); Plaisir (orange dark chocolate); Intense (dark chocolate with biscuits); Square Patchi (milk chocolate with ground hazelnuts); and Merveille (milk chocolate with caramelised crispy crêpe).

Patchi Les Essentiels Assorted Chocolate Box

See it here

10 Butlers Deluxe Presentation Box

£45 | 1kg | Approximately 72 pieces

Butlers Deluxe Presentation Box
Photo credit to Butlers

This supersized chocolate assortment box certainly looks the business, with sleek packaging and even a hand-tied ribbon too. The Signature Chocolate collection contains approximately 72 chocolates in a wide variety of flavours: Hazelnut Caramel; Orange Marzipan; Chocolate Flake; Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel; White Chocolate Flake; Lemon; 70% Truffle; Latte; Cerise; Hazelnut Slice; Milk Truffle; Double Chocolate; Dark Truffle; Almond Café; Coconut Caramel & Almond Crocant; Hazelnut Truffle; and Gianduja.

On average, sugars represent 46% of the product, so expect a sweet-yet-satisfying selection of chocolates.

Butlers is a Dublin-based company and ships its chocolate gifts to the UK. Be aware that since Brexit, UK orders may now be subject to customs/VAT charges, payable by the recipient upon delivery. So, if you plan to give this as a gift, you might want to get it delivered to you (so you can pay the fees without lumping them with the gift recipient - nothing spoils the gift of a box of chocolates quite like unexpected fees).

Butlers Deluxe Presentation Box

See it here

11 Lindt Pralines Du Confiseur Box

£35 | 1kg | 96 pieces

Lindt Pralines Du Confiseur Box
Photo credit to Lindt

Perfect for Swiss chocolate lovers is this premium Pralines Du Confiseur Box by Lindt. The white and gold box contains an assortment of sweet treats devised by Lindt's Master Chocolatiers across two layers.

The menu on the rear of the box lists the recipes in French, which broadly translate to: Chocolate Pyramid; Dark Chocolate Truffle; Orange Heart; Stracciatella; Pistachio; Macchiato; Coffee; Crème Brûlée; and Hazelnut Triangle.

Lindt Pralines Du Confiseur Box

See it here°

12 Martin's Chocolatier Loose Kilogram Box

RRP £30 | 1kg | Approximately 67 - 77 pieces

Martin's Chocolatier Loose Kilogram Box
Photo credit to Martin's Chocolatier; Amazon

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Martin's Chocolatier thinks not. In their Premium Chocolate Catering Packs, you'll find a kilogram of filled chocolates. These aren't assorted so you'll get a kilogram of one type of chocolate, making it ideal for lovers of marzipan, champagne truffles, or nutty delights.

These are weight-based so you'll get around 77 chocolates per kilogram box, placed in plastic trays to keep them safe during transit. The outer packaging varies, with some outer boxes decorated in a brown and gold-tone colour scheme, with graphics of cacao pods surrounding the large Martin's Chocolatier in the centre. Others arrive in plain white or brown catering boxes, which would be ideal for you to add some home-made embellishments onto, or get the kids to doodle on the box to personalise your chocolate gift.

At the time of writing, the varieties available include:

  1. Ali Baba° - Sesame seed marzipan in dark chocolate.
  2. Caroline° - Strawberry ganache and white chocolate truffle.
  3. Philippe° - Dusted dark chocolate Marc de Champagne truffles.
  4. Champagne & Raspberry° - Champagne and raspberry white chocolate truffles.
  5. Chloe° - Pistachio marzipan in white chocolate.
  6. Columbus° - Orange and champagne centre in a white chocolate shell with sherbet.
  7. Darcy° - Milk chocolate praline centre in white chocolate.
  8. Debra° - Dark chocolate cocoa-dusted truffle.
  9. Edwina° - Milk chocolate covered marzipan.
  10. Emma° - Spicy dark chocolate and ginger ganache with a milk chocolate crisp.
  11. Espresso° - Dark chocolate espresso coffee truffles.
  12. Eve° - Soft-centred green apple cream in milk chocolate.
  13. Freya° - Dark chocolate and orange ganache.
  14. Glenda° - Milk chocolate and fine blended whisky truffle.
  15. Hayley° - Dark chocolate praline truffle.
  16. Hazel° - Milk chocolate praline with hazelnut decoration.
  17. Helene° - Almond royal marzipan in dark chocolate.
  18. Irish Cream° - Milk chocolate Irish Cream truffles.
  19. Kayla° - Lemongrass milk chocolate truffles.
  20. Kimberley° - Dark chocolate truffles with crushed pomegranate.
  21. Laura° - Coffee centre milk chocolate truffle.
  22. Lemon Cheesecake° - Lemon cheesecake white chocolate cups.
  23. Lizzy° - A runny boozy Advocaat centre in milk chocolate.
  24. Lola° - A runny-centred coconut fondant dark chocolate truffle.
  25. Lucia° - Lime and Lemon centre in dark chocolate.
  26. Mary° - Milk chocolate Irish Cream-centred truffles.
  27. Melissa° - A runny-centred caramel and milk chocolate truffle.
  28. Mika° - Dark double-distilled Cognac truffles.
  29. Mozart° - White chocolate vanilla truffles.
  30. Nero° - Dark chocolate intense bitter ganache.
  31. Nougatino° - Belgian milk chocolate pralines with crunchy nuts.
  32. Olivia° - Milk chocolate truffles.
  33. Patricia° - Milk chocolate praline truffles.
  34. Peachy° - Peaches and cream dusted white chocolate truffles.
  35. Pierre° - Milk chocolate champagne truffle.
  36. Salted Caramel° - Milk chocolate salted caramel truffles.
  37. Samantha° - Gin and damson milk chocolate truffles.
  38. Vanessa° - Grand Marnier-infused dark chocolate truffle.
  39. Vesta° - Dark chocolate Caribbean dark rum truffles.
  40. Wimbledon° - Champagne truffles in pink icing sugar

Martin's Chocolatier Loose Kilogram Box

See them here°

13 Rococo Extravagance of Chocolates

£10 | 1kg | Approximately 100 pieces

Rococo Extravagance of Chocolates
Photo credit to Rococo

This exquisite dual-layered blue box from Rococo Chocolates contains around 100 pieces, from truffles to ganaches, and from caramels to pralines. This showstopper is a vary visual piece and would be perfect for making a statement, be that to someone special or at a dinner party for entertaining guests.

While the exact menu might change, this collection typically includes Dark Pistachio Almond Marzipan; Dark Praline Crunch; Dark Ginger Ganache; Dark Lemon Ganache; Dark Orange Blossom Honey Ganache; Dark Caramel Ganache; Milk Pear Jasmine Ganache; Milk Coffee Ganache; Blond Ecuadorian Ganache; Dark Ecuadorian Ganache; Dark Ganache Truffle; Milk Ganache Truffle; Milk Praline Crunch; Dusted Milk Salted Caramel Truffle; Dusted Milk Marc de Champagne Truffle; and White Vanilla Ganache.

This is available direct and is also available at Harrods°.

Rococo Extravagance of Chocolates

See it here°

14 Thorntons Classic Collection

£35 | 900g | 80 pieces

Thorntons Classic Collection
Photo credit to Thorntons

Years ago, when you thought of giving a special box of chocolates to somebody, you headed straight to Thorntons. While the recipes have changed, and competition in the chocolate box market has exploded, there's still a link between special occasions and Thorntons. While their shops have closed, you can continue to get hold of a large box of chocolates conveniently online.

This supersized edition of the Thorntons Classic range crams in 80 treats in milk, white and dark chocolate. At with the average sugar content weighing in at 50%, these are made especially for those with a sweet tooth.

Inside this nicely decorated box you'll find two layers of confectionery, with varieties including: Orange Blush; Creamy Fudge; Gooey Caramel; Crunchy Praline; Nutty Caramel; Honeycomb Baton; Strawberries and Cream; Triple Chocolate; Tempting Toffee; and Salted Butterscotch

Thorntons Classic Collection

See it here

15 Pierre Marcolini 4-Drawer Collection

£115.59 | 839g | 130 pieces

Pierre Marcolini 4-Drawer Collection
Photo credit to Pierre Marcolini

Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini has numerous boutiques worldwide, including a store and concessions in London. This exquisite gift box is four collections in one luxury black box, offering a diverse collection of treats to feast upon. It's perfect as an exquisite gift or as a centrepiece for a dinner party or celebration event.

Malline Découverte contains 33 of Marcolini's finest work, with a range of Grand Cru chocolate, nutty pieces, fruity flavours and a few spice options. Grands Crus is a collection of 36 ganaches made using the finest cocoa beans. Pralinés Anciens d’Aujourd’hui contains 36 nutty pralines, while the Box of 25 Hearts contains a rainbow of predominantly fruity flavours.

Pierre Marcolini 4-Drawer Collection

See it here

16 Michel Cluizel Milk & Dark Luxury Chocolate Gift Box

£55.95 | 765g | 70 pieces

Michel Cluizel Milk & Dark Luxury Chocolate Gift Box
Photo credit to Michel Cluizel; Chocolate Trading Co

Enjoy a beautiful collection of French chocolate bonbons by Michel Cluizel in this 70-piece collection. Many of the pieces are crafted with single-origin chocolate together with minimal, pure ingredients. Expect to find the likes of Croquant & Gianduja, Pistachio, Crème Brûlée, and a heady single-origin dark chocolate ganache.

This is presented in a nicely decorated cardboard box, but you can add a satin-finish Michel Cluizel Gift Bag - with rope handles - for an extra £1.95 should you wish to present it in something more fancy.

If you'd prefer a smaller box, there are three other sizes in the same range (165g at £15.95; 305g at £27.95; and 525g at £41.95).

Michel Cluizel Milk & Dark Luxury Chocolate Gift Box

See it here°

Get free delivery on orders over £35 (excluding sales and trade items). Use code WYS35 at the checkout. Shop at Chocolate Trading Company°

Ends on Tuesday 31st December 2024. Terms and exclusions may apply. See website for details.

17 Anthon Berg Liqueur Dark Chocolate Gift Box

RRP £29.99 | 750g | 48 pieces

Anthon Berg Liqueur Dark Chocolate Gift Box
Photo credit to Choice Masters; Amazon

Anthon Berg is known for its miniature chocolate bottles containing liqueur centres, and this gift box sees a generous helping of 48 of them together in one collection.

Each chocolate bottle contains liquid centres made with one of 16 brands of Cognac, Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Calvados, and Liqueur. This box contains three of each variety, split over two layers.

Sold by Choice Masters through Amazon, this gift box is perfect for anyone with a passion for dark chocolate and strong boozy flavours.

Anthon Berg Liqueur Dark Chocolate Gift Box

See it here°

18 Montezuma's Grand 50 Truffle Collection

£37.49 | 700g | 50 pieces

Montezuma's Grand 50 Truffle Collection
Photo credit to Montezuma's

This box of milk, white and dark chocolate truffles was named by Montezuma's after Brighton's famous seafront hotel. Why? Brighton's The Grand Hotel was the location of Montezuma's' first store. Consequently, this collection of chocolate truffles contains their most popular and iconic chocolate truffles for your delight.

Inside the brightly coloured board box is a menu of exotic names: Sweet Summertime; American Idol; Secret Squirrel; Eclipse; Milking Maid; Macchiato; and Tiger Tiger. To you and me, that's White Chocolate Raspberry; Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate; Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Praline; Classic Dark Chocolate; Classic Milk Chocolate; Coffee Milk Chocolate; and Vanilla Dark Chocolate.

Smaller boxes in the same range are also available (220g for £14.99; or 350g for £22.99).

Montezuma's Grand 50 Truffle Collection

See it here

19 Lindt Lindor Ultimate Chocolate Collection Gift Box

RRP £46.99 | Approximately 575g | 46 pieces

Lindt Lindor Ultimate Chocolate Collection Gift Box
Photo credit to Chocolate Co; Amazon

Surprisingly, Lindt doesn't appear to sell a ready-made gift box of Lindor truffles year-round (although they do produce a Pralines Du Confiseur box (see above)). But if you are shopping for a die-hard Lindt Lindor lover, Chocolate Co on Amazon has you covered. They've put together a pretty-looking gift box of Lindt Lindor balls as well as a selection of Lindt Fioretto pieces too.

Presented in a nice-looking board gift box, the varieties of Lindt Lindor included in this 46-piece gift pack typically include: Milk Chocolate; White Chocolate; 60% Dark Chocolate; Caramel; Milk Chocolate Mint; Stracciatella; Coconut; Orange; Strawberries & Cream; Hazelnut; Almond; Milk & White; Champagne; Milk Salted Caramel; Gingerbread; Dulce de Leche; Sea Salt Milk Chocolate; Fudge Swirl; White Peppermint; 70% Dark Chocolate; Peppermint Cookie; 39% Dark Chocolate; Dark Salted Caramel; Butter Pecan; Cappuccino; Mango & Cream; Cinnamon & Coriander; Pistachio; Matcha; Dark Strawberry; Hot Cocoa; Neapolitan; Double Chocolate; Roulette Crispy; Roulette Cookie; Citrus; Baked Apple; Noccio Latte; Noccio Noir; Noccio Cafe; Chocolate Deluxe; Cresta Ball; Cappuccino Fioretto; Zabaione Fioretto; Hazelnut Fioretto; and Marzipan Fioretto. Bear in mind that stock availability might mean some flavours are substituted, but nevertheless, there's a very good flavour assortment in this box.

Lindt Lindor Ultimate Chocolate Collection Gift Box

See it here°


  • If you don't need the neat presentation but still want a gift box, Auris Trading on Amazon stock a red gift box full of loose Lindt Lindor balls. With an RRP of £34.99 for a kilogram, this option might deliver a wow factor for Lindor lovers. It doesn't, however, boast as wide a range of flavours, containing just milk, white, extra dark and hazelnut chocolate balls. The plain red board box is finished with a red ribbon and looks ideal for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day. See here°.
  • If you need more flavours, or want to tailor your selection to only include the recipient's favourite flavours, look no further than Lindt themselves. On their website they offer a Pick and Mix service. For £45, you can pick 1.5kg of Lindor balls (that's around 120 of the treats). At the time of writing, you can choose between Milk; Milk Heart; Strawberries & Cream; Cappucino; Salted Camramel; Milk & White; Stracciatella; White; Milk Caramel; Milk Orange; Milk Hazelbut; Milk Champagne; Pistachio; Mango & Cream; Coconut; Milk Mint, Nocciolatte Milk & Hazelnut; Almond; 60% Dark; Citrus; Nocciocaffee Coffee & Hazelnut; 45% Dark; Matcha; plus Nuxor Milk cubes and Classic Giandujotto pyramids. Like the Auris option above, your selection is packed loose inside a white gift box. See here°.

20 Cadbury Milk Tray

£12 | 530g

Cadbury Milk Tray
Photo credit to Cadbury; Cadbury Gifts Direct

If you seek plenty of chocolate on a budget then skip the smaller boxes of Cadbury Milk Tray and head to their biggest offering, the 530g box. This pocket-friendly option contains two trays with an assortment of ten different varieties of chocolates in each.

At 57% sugars on average, this is a very sweet box of chocolates, but is ideal as a cheeky indulgence or to show appreciation, and will go down a treat in front of the telly.

Cadbury Milk Tray

See it here°

21 Gilbert & Swayne Party Luxury Box

£40 | In excess of 500g | 42 pieces

Gilbert & Swayne Party Luxury Box
Photo credit to Gilbert & Swayne

This lovely gift box by Gilbert & Swayne contains 42 chocolates in all shapes and sizes. It's a perfect gift for someone special or for a special occasion, especially thanks to the addition of a pretty ribbon.

Be aware that these chocolates are made fresh every week and dispatched once made. If you need a box urgently or for a specific occasion, contact Gilbert & Swayne prior to ordering just to check they'll arrive in time.

While flavours will undoubtedly vary, the range at the time of writing included a range of delicious flavour pairings. Combinations include Peaty Single Malt & Coffee; Mystic Medlar & Gin; Limoncello & Earl Grey; Lemongrass & Cumin; Spicy Damson; Bitter Orange, Cinnamon & Grand Marnier; Strawberry, Somerset Honey & Cream; Tarragon & Sea Salt; Cadamom & Ginger; Raspberry, Mint & Liqueur; Passion Fruit & Champagne; Coffee & Somerset Cider Brandy; Prune d'Agen & Armagnac; Salted Almond & Thyme; Lemon & Bay; Orange, Chilli & Cointreau; Marzipan & Amaretto; Rosemary & Toasted Hazelnut; Morrello Cherry & Apple Eau de Vie; Blackcurrant, Juniper & Cassis; and Blackberry & Geranium.

Gilbert & Swayne Party Luxury Box

See it here

22 The Chocolate Bar Extra Special Selection Box

£40 | Approximately 500g | Up to 48 pieces

The Chocolate Bar Extra Special Selection Box
Photo credit to The Chocolate Bar

This large gift box contains a selection of chocolates freshly made in Taurus Crafts near Lydney in the Forest of Dean by The Chocolate Bar, a specialist in cakes and confectionery.

Presented in a recyclable chocolate box, the assortment contains up to 48 chocolates from the latest range. The exact assortment is a lucky dip, but to give you an idea of what to expect, the photo above contains the likes of Peanut Butter & Jelly; Ruby Coconut; Cassis; Pecan Praline Caramel; Pistachio Nougat; Single Malt; and Pistachio & Lemon to name but a few.

The Chocolate Bar Extra Special Selection Box

See it here

Found on eBay

Spotted an even bigger box of chocolates in cyberspace? Let me know in the comments below.

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