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Cadbury Launches Premier League Chocolate Football

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Following on from my Dairy Milk Premier League bar review, Cadbury has unveiled two chocolate footballs set to hit stores this month and in November.

Owned by Mondelēz International, the chocolate firm is the official snack partner of the Premier League. The products naturally follow on from the previous Premier League themed product, which was a Dairy Milk bar shaped as a football pitch.

Are these solid chocolate footballs? Alas not. Think of a round, football-shaped Easter egg and you'll be on the right playing field.

Cadbury Premier League Chocolate Football

The first chocolate football hit supermarket shelves this month. Weighing in at 256 grams and with an RRP of £6.99, it is made from the 'glass and a half ' Dairy Milk we all know and love.

The match-themed cardboard packaging opens up to form a a three-dimensional football stadium, with the large chocolate sphere taking centre stage. A QR code on the box links to a digital game entitled Super Striker, where players have 15 chances to score against the goalie to reach the top of the leader-board.

Cadbury insists the footballs "are designed to be shared with friends, family or even rival fans," but I respectfully disagree. Nobody else would be helping themselves to my chocolate football.

In November, a larger 455g football will hit the shelves exclusively at Tesco at an RRP of £11.99, and might be be a handy Christmas gift idea for footie fans old and young. 10 pairs of Premier League hospitality tickets and 90 pairs of Premier League match tickets are hidden in 100 lucky boxes.

It'll be interesting to see how well these go down. As I mentioned above, these are essentially spherical Easter eggs and I imagine they are produced in a very similar fashion. If these sell well, they could become a permanent fixture throughout the year.

You can buy the Cadbury Premier League Chocolate Football direct at Cadbury online.

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Will you be buying a chocolate football? Let me know in the comments below.

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