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Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League Football Pitch Bar Review

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As a chocolate addict, any trip to the supermarket isn't complete without a meander down the confectionery aisle to see what's new and what's being phased out.

When I clocked a 200g bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk for the rock-bottom price of £1 on clearance in Tesco, it was a no-brainer decision to add it to my basket. And you know me, I cannot buy chocolate and pass on the opportunity to review it.

Premier League Dairy Milk Packaging

The 200g Premier League Dairy milk bar follows the same recipe as most other Dairy Milk packaging, with the wavy 'Dairy Milk' text sitting against a trademark Cadbury purple background. The noticeable exceptions with this wrapper are the additions of a green football pitch, together with a representation to show what the bar inside looks like.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League Football Pitch Bar Review
The Premier League Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk bar

This is a "limited edition" "Premier League" bar, and both points are made on the front of the wrapper, alongside the Premier League cup and a tease of the bar itself. In case you didn't know, Cadbury is the official snack partner of the Premier League.

The rear of the 'resealable' packaging contains the nutritional information alongside the ingredients list and a brief description of Cadbury's Cocoa Life programme.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League Pitch bar ingredients:
Milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fats (palm, shea), emulsifiers (E442, E476), flavourings. Milk solids: 20% minimum, 23% actual. Cocoa solids: 20% minimum.

56% of the 8-portion, vegetarian-friendly bar is made up of sugars. The product also contains palm oil, albeit alongside shea butter.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Review

As I carefully peeled open the wrapper, I was greeted with that heady characteristic Dairy Milk aroma. It's an instantly recognisable fragrance with strong sweet, buttery, and creamy notes. It's an unmistakable aroma, yet one that is difficult to describe in words, other than saying it smells like Dairy Milk.

Despite being an "Easy Reclose Pack," my wrapper did not comply. I normally have more joy on the smaller bars so wondered if the supersized nature of this 200g bar is just too great for the wrapper to hold itself closed again.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League chocolate bar
A 200g football pitch made out of chocolate!

I absolutely love the mould used here to create the football pitch. The Premier League emblem sits proudly in the centre, with the Cadbury logo on each half of the lined pitch. Goals at either end also carry the Cadbury logo as do the cubes that frame the pitch, representing the stands.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League Pitch Bar
A close-up of the Cadbury logo on the pitch, with the spectator stands surrounding the field

This cute bar from the Cadbury factory breaks from the traditional cubed chocolate bar, and is something that's fun and a bit quirky. It's also a legitimate excuse to play with your food. Personally, I'd like to see Cadbury continue down the road of bars made using distinctive moulds.

Reverse of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League bar
The reverse of the bar showing rough grid lines, especially towards the centre of the bar

From a chocolate geekery perspective, it's interesting to see the hatched grid on the base of the bar, which appear to be marks left by the machines used to manufacture the bar.

The snap isn't crisp and clean, although it did break my heart having to snap this pretty bar into chunks.

Much like the aroma, describing the taste of Dairy Milk isn't easy. It has a grainy texture with a fattiness that coats the mouth and a sweetness that makes you crave another piece. There's a very subtle cocoa flavour that comes through but it's not particularly strong.

There isn't much in the way of an aftertaste. The sweetness lingers as does the faint notes of creaminess, but very little of the cocoa flavour hangs around.

I don't find Dairy Milk to be as sickly as other mass produced chocolate bars at this price point, making Dairy Milk bars very easy to scoff in front of the television or alongside a mug of tea. The sugar hit and mouth-feel made it ever so easy for me to work my way through this bar without realising it.

Premier League chocolate logo
The Premier League logo sits at the centre of the chocolate bar

It would be unfair to compare this mass-produced bar of Dairy Milk to a single-origin bar hand-made in small batches. It would be like comparing boiled potatoes to chips - yes, at their core they're the same thing, but they are produced in a different way and the end products have completely different purposes and intended uses.

Dairy Milk inherently tastes creamy, fatty, and very sweet. It doesn't have complex cocoa flavours as it doesn't contain a great deal of cocoa. But as a cheap treat in front of the television - or after a game of footie so it seems - it's ideal, so long as it's part of a healthy balanced diet.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is a bar I'd add to my trolley as part of my grocery shop, mostly for nibbling on in front of the telly. The Premier League limited edition bar is a nice variant on the standard bar, and is a clever idea to come out of the Cadbury / Premier League sponsorship agreement. Does it make me want to play or watch more football? No. Does it make me want to eat more Cadbury chocolate? No. Does it make me happy? Yes, and I feel that's the point of this bar. It's just a bit of fun, presenting the standard Dairy Milk recipe in a different form.

Do you like the look of the football pitch bar or do you reckon Cadbury should stick to producing traditional shaped bars? Let me know in the comments below.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League 200g bar Review

RRP: £2.49 | Cadbury | Shop now°

This is a regular Cadbury Dairy Milk bar pressed into a fun mould, in partnership with the Premier League. If you like Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, you'll appreciate this fun and quirky bar.

Score: 2.6

You can buy the Cadbury Premier League Chocolate bar direct at Cadbury online.

Shop Now°

Disclosure: I purchased a 200g Cadbury Dairy Milk Premier League Football Pitch bar from Tesco for £1.00. I was not asked for a review. My opinions are my own.

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