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Cadbury Launches Plant Bar As Vegan Alternative To Dairy Milk Chocolate

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Cadbury is making its first move into the vegan chocolate market with its latest product launch, the Cadbury Plant Bar.

Launching in two flavours - Cadbury Plant Bar Smooth Chocolate and Cadbury Plant Bar Smooth Chocolate with Salted Caramel pieces - the bars will hit shop shelves from November 2021.

Cadbury Plant Bars
Photo credit to Cadbury; Golin

Cadbury apologised for the two-year delay in getting this product to market, stating that "perfection takes time." The company also cheekily added it was "sorry for all the other chocolate you've had to eat while you waited," a nod perhaps to the massive explosion in vegan chocolate products hitting the shelves over the last two years.

Packaged in a similar wrappers to the company's flagship Dairy Milk Bars, the Plant Bars are produced with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa through the Cocoa Life programme, and carry Vegan Society certification. Six pieces count as a portion, equating to 126kcal for the Almond bar and 122kcal for the Salted Caramel bar.

The recipe draws similarities to that of Dairy Milk, but sees the traditional "glass and a half of milk" replaced with almond paste and rice extract to create a smooth texture.

Cadbury is encouraging everyone to give it a try, suggesting "if it isn’t for you, then there is [the] classic Dairy Milk". Reading behind the lines, that suggests the flavour profile might not be as similar to the Dairy Milk recipe.

It's also worth noting that this vegan product comes with a hefty price tag compared to the classic Dairy Milk bar. A bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk 110g is currently £1 in Tesco, while the 90g Cadbury Plant Bar will carry an RRP of £2.50.

The Cadbury Plant Bar will be available in Sainsbury’s nationwide from November 2021 and newsagents and supermarkets across the UK from January 2022 onwards. It should be available at Cadbury Gifts Direct° in due course, too.

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Will you be trying Cadbury's latest vegan creation? Let me know in the comments below.

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