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Cadbury Launches Limited Edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut Bar

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The release of the Orange Twirl sparked a terrific response on Twitter, so much so that the limited-edition bar was then re-released as a permanent product line. Now it's the turn of the Wispa bar, with a hazelnut caramel version launching as a limited edition.

Aerated Cadbury chocolate meets hazelnut flavour caramel in this bar that goes on general sale on Monday 6th September 2021 with an RRP of 69p. The tag-line for this release is "a new type of gold," and Cadbury took 18 months to develop its recipe.

In true Cadbury fashion, there's a pre-launch event to generate buzz and excitement for this new release. The chocolate brand has partnered with YouTuber/London mayoral candidate/financial expert Niko Omilana. The launch campaign resembles a stocks and shares style event, where a mythical share price will rise and fall over the course of this coming week.

The rationale behind the campaign is that Cadbury is playing on the "new type of gold" messaging and the limited-edition availability, mimicking a commodity such as gold (or cocoa).

Cadbury Limited Edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut Bar
Photo credit to Cadbury; Golin

Effectively, this is a pre-sale, albeit with a twist. The first 4,000 people on 25th August 2021, plus the first 1,000 people on 1st September, to tweet @CadburyUK with the hashtag #WISPAGOLDHF will be eligible to purchase one fictional ‘share’ for 69p. Participants need to have an active Twitter account, live in the UK, accept Cadbury’s terms and conditions, have a valid email address, and hold a valid form of payment to complete the transaction.

Cadbury will send entrants a dark Tweet and an email with either a link to register or a commiseration message, depending on whether they qualify for this pre-sale.

Cadbury Limited Edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut Bar Presale Event
My pre-sale registration email

Successful entrants will be given a code to redeem here on Cadbury Gifts Direct°. After redeeming your promotional code, you pay 69p by credit/debit card or PayPal, which includes free standard Royal Mail delivery. At this point in time, you're purchasing one bar of Cadbury Wispa Gold Hazelnut. Only one code can be redeemed per person.

This is where the stocks and shares game comes into play. Over the course of next week, Cadbury and Niko Omilana will monitor the mythical share price of the Wispa Gold Hazelnut bars. The game closes at 8pm on 3rd September.

Your 69p will be tied to this game, with the result being a delivery of between one and six Wispa Gold Hazelnut bars, depending on what the final mythical share price is at the close of the event. There's no information on what controls the virtual share price, nor how it is influenced, so my guess is there's some sort of random number generator powering this campaign.

Cadbury are at pains to state that these shares aren't real shares traded on a stock exchange (which perhaps suggests this campaign is more complex than it ought to be). While it would be the opportunity of a lifetime to buy shares in Mondelēz International for 69p each (today's price is around $62.25 US, or £45.50 per share), that's not going to happen.

On that note, these fictional shares cannot be traded or exchanged for cash. The value can rise and fall over the next week. My guess is that at one point the price will hit six, fall back to one and settle at somewhere between two and four. We'll see...

If you can't be dealing with these pre-sale hoops, bars of Cadbury Wispa Gold Hazelnut will be available on the Cadbury Gifts Direct° website, and at all major supermarkets, from Monday 6th September 2021 with a RRP of 69p. Cadbury says "once they're gone, they're gone," so be quick if you're interested. It's a limited-edition release so there's a good chance it might not hang around for long. Remember, the Orange Twirls vanished at lightening speed the first time around.

I successfully registered for a bar, so a review will follow here once my delivery arrives at HQ.

Cadbury Limited Edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut Bar

Buy yours here°

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Do you wish Cadbury would release a new Wispa Gold flavour? Spill the beans in a comment below.

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