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NSFW: Edible Chocolate Body Parts From Head To Toe

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So there I was, scrolling through my Twitter feed, only to stumble across an unbelievably realistic chocolate heart. Made out of delicious chocolate, this gruesome organ was crafted for Valentine's Day as an alternative to the traditional heart-shaped chocolates out there. They also make great birthday gifts and Christmas presents for Cardiologists and Cardiothoracic Surgeons, so I'm told.

It got me thinking - what other body parts are available made out of milk, dark, or white chocolate available in the UK? Surely, there are other medical professionals (and body part fetishists) who would love to give or receive chocolate versions of key pieces of human anatomy.

And so I began my quest across the web to see what's out there. And I wasn't disappointed (although I have seen some things I cannot un-see). I have put together my results in a journey through the human body, from head to toe.

NSFW - Just to warn you, some of the body parts are of an intimate nature, and others are gorily detailed, so you might want to bookmark this and read it at home later on!

1 Chocolate Skull

£14.99 | Amazon

Chocolate Skull
Photo credit to Amazon

Let's start at the top - the head, or more specifically, the skull. Skull chocolates are an extremely popular theme for Halloween and so there's quite a few of them available, but this one on Amazon caught my eye as it is both incredibly detailed and incredibly eerie.

Made of solid white chocolate, it is designed to look as realistic as possible, and I think it achieves that goal. It's creepy, and purposefully so, as it is recommended for Halloween parties, and themed weddings. It's also a great gift for craniotomy surgeons, archaeologists, and orthopaedic surgeons.


  • ChocOnChoc sells a milk chocolate skull that's finished with shimmering gold dust. Check it out.
  • ChocOnChoc also sell a duo pack of smaller skulls in dark and white chocolate. See here.

Buy a Chocolate Skull

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2 Chocolate Brain

£27 | The Edible Museum

Chocolate Anatomical Brain
Photo credit to The Edible Museum

The insane creations that come out of Sarah Hardy's The Edible Museum have one thing in common - they are so lifelike they look like the real thing. Take these 250g chocolate brains for instance. I know they are made of white vanilla chocolate, but I get a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach just looking at the incredible detailing of the blood. If you want a realistic organ made from chocolate, this is the place to go.

Place an order and you'll get either a left or a right hemisphere, but if you order two, you can request for them to be joined to form a full brain. It's terrifically gruesome, but the ideal gift for a horror fan - or a brain surgeon.

Buy an Anatomical Chocolate Brain

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3 Chocolate Eyeballs

£8.99 | ChocOnChoc

Chocolate Eyeballs
Photo credit to ChocOnChoc

I think I can get over the detailing of the blood vessels on these chocolate eyeballs, but it's the idea of crunching into them and revealing a gooey centre that has my stomach turning.

Another gift idea ideal for Halloween, these eyeballs by ChocOnChoc are handcrafted from a blend of milk and white Belgian chocolate. The eye-juice inside is an oozy strawberry sauce, so it's tasty - but still creepy. The perfect gift for an optician or ophthalmologist, perhaps?

Buy Chocolate Eyeballs

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4 Chocolate Ear

£4.95 | Simon Dunn Chocolatier

Chocolate Ear
Photo credit to Simon Dunn Chocolatier

Now listen here, this is a milk chocolate ear! This giant 20cm tall ear is made from solid Belgian milk chocolate and available from Simon Dunn Chocolatier in Stockport.

According to the website, it's ideal as a "get well soon" or "congratulations" gift - perhaps for an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Doctor.

Buy a Chocolate Ear

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5 Chocolate Lips

£12 | ChocOnChoc

ChocOnChoc Chocolate Lips
Photo credit to ChocOnChoc

Handmade in Somerset, ChocOnChoc crafts sweet luscious bite-size lips in milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate. These feminine lips are pout perfect.

While these would be ideal as a romantic gift for your partner, they'd also make a lovely gift for a GP, oral surgeon, and perhaps even a dentist (they might disapprove, though!).

Buy Chocolate Lips

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6 Chocolate Heart

£8 |Dormouse Chocolates

Chocolate Anatomical Heart
Photo credit to Dormouse Chocolates

Heart motifs and Valentine's Day go hand-in-hand, but these chocolate hearts take it to the next level. Manchester-based high-end chocolate maker Dormouse Chocolates has a range of anatomically correct chocolate hearts cast in exquisite bean-to-bar chocolate and finished with an edible shimmer.

The result looks stomach-turning but I can promise you the chocolate will be absolutely delicious as Dormouse Chocolates is regularly raved about for its flavoursome chocolates. At the time of writing, the chocolate anatomical heart was available in a vegan dark hazelnut praline, or a 55% Gaura milk chocolate fruit and nut version.

Buy an Anatomical Chocolate Heart

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7 Chocolate Boobs

£6 | Etsy (ChocErotica)

Chocolate Boobs
Photo credit to ErotiChoc

Chocolatey boobs. Such is the affinity with stag and hen parties, chocolate breasts are widely available on the Internet. Not all are created equal, and some aren't particularly detailed, while others are crudely detailed, and the rest appear aimed at the cheap novelty gift market. However, like real boobs, chocolate breasts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

This arty 80g pair from ErotiChoc stood out amongst others thanks to the metallic lustre applied to the Belgian milk, dark, or white chocolate base. The chocolate breasts appear to be in peak demand around Valentine's Day and Christmas as gifts for lovers. They are also popular items for stag and hen parties. They'd also make a novel thank-you gift for a cosmetic surgeon.


  • Firebox sells bite-size chocolate boobs in milk and white chocolate. There's eight in a box. See here°.
  • Firebox sells after dinner mints in the shape of areola with perky nipples. Definitely something quyirky to present at a dinner party! See here°.
  • Ann Summers sells bite-size milk chocolate boobs here.
  • ChocOnChoc sells a nine-pack of white chocolate breasts. See here. Prefer a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate instead? Check these out.

Buy Chocolate Boobs

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8 Chocolate Lungs

£3.85 | Bespoke Chocolates

Chocolate Lungs Lollipop
Photo credit to Bespoke Chocolates

Large replicas of internal organs, other than the brain and heart, are difficult to find, but I did stumble across these 40g chocolate lollipops by Bespoke Chocolates, featuring a model of a pair of lungs. Made using Belgian chocolate, the trachea and lobes are modelled in white chocolate atop a base of milk chocolate.

While the company recommends this as an ideal gift for medical doctors and cardiothoracic surgeons, this also has child appeal as it shows a cross section of the lungs, so has the potential to be somewhat educational.

Buy a Chocolate Lungs Lollipop

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9 Chocolate Fingers

£10 |The Edible Museum

Chocolate Anatomical Fingers
Photo credit to The Edible Museum

I couldn't find any chocolate hands for sale in the UK, but did find digits created by Sarah Hardy at The Edible Museum. Less gruesome than the chocolate brain, these human fingers come in a set of eight (no thumbs though). They are available in solid milk or dark chocolate and are highly detailed.

As for who'd be interested in receiving chocolate fingers as a gift other than orthopedic surgeons, I'm not entirely sure, but suspect they'd go down a storm at a Halloween party.

Buy Chocolate Anatomical Human Fingers

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10 Chocolate Kidneys

£2.85 | Bespoke Chocolates

Chocolate Kidneys Lollipop
Photo credit to Bespoke Chocolates

It's back to the guys at Bespoke Chocolates for another internal organ chocolate lollipop, this time featuring a pair of kidneys. These detailed lollipops in Belgian chocolate include the renal artery and renal vein alongside the left and right kidneys. They're available in milk, white, dark, or pink-coloured chocolate.

Again, these would have appeal for medical doctors and nephrologists, but I also think this one has child appeal, and can prompt a discussion on what kidneys are and how they work.

Buy a Chocolate Kidneys Lollipop

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11 Chocolate Penis

£19.99 | Firebox

White Chocolate Penis
Photo credit to Firebox

Chocolate penises are famous the world over. In fact, I was amazed to find a lot of them displayed in shop windows in Bruges, Belgium. They are novel, and are ideal gag gifts for like-minded friends, co-workers, and family, and for stag and hen parties, which I suppose explains why there are so many variants available, in a range of qualities.

This detailed one over at Firebox sits in a floral box, which itself is designed to look anything but rude. Imagine the surprise on the recipient's face as they get a face full of this when they open the box. This solid 220g chocolate erect penis is available in milk or white chocolate.


  • Firebox sells After Dinner Willies, dark chocolate penises filled with a gooey minty fondant. Perfect for a saucy dinner date, perhaps? See here°.
  • Lovehoney also stocks these. See here.
  • Ann Summers also stocks these. See here. They also stock a milk chocolate and oozing caramel version here too. If you enjoy explosions in your mouth, you'll enjoy chomping on their popping candy edition here.
  • If you're a fan of lollipops, this grown-up milk chocolate lollipop is right up your street.
  • ChocOnChoc sells a nine-pack of bite-size chocolate willies in dark, milk and white chocolate. See here.

Buy a Chocolate Penis

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12 Chocolate Vulvas

£10 | Etsy (ChocErotica)

Chocolate Vagina
Photo credit to ErotiChoc

Another popular stag and hen party item is this vagina on a stick. Along with the penis, chocolate vaginas are perhaps one of the most popular pieces of anatomy cast in chocolate and there's loads of them available to buy on the Internet, again in a wide range of qualities.

This 100g chocolate vagina from ErotiChoc is made to order in milk, dark, or white chocolate in Hythe, Kent. It's finished with a metallic shimmer which somehow makes it look classy. Just so you know, they sell a more-grown-up version not on a stick too, although all their erotic-themed chocolate is only available to purchase by customers aged 18+.


  • Firebox sells ChocClits, a box of six bite-size chocolate vulvas in milk chocolate. See here°.

Buy a Chocolate Vagina

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13 Chocolate Butts

£12 | ChocOnChoc

ChocOnChoc Chocolate Bottoms
Photo credit to ChocOnChoc

Here we have nine peachy bums, cast in Somerset using Belgian white, milk and dark chocolate.

These cheeky bite-size chocolates are ideal gifts for cosmetic surgeons as well as anyone who appreciates a good rear.


  • Cambridge Chocolates on Etsy sells similar bite-size bottoms, casrt in milk, white, dark or pink chocolate. See here.

Buy A Chocolate Butt

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14 Chocolate Anus

£8.99 | Firebox

Edible Chocolate Anus
Photo credit to Firebox

I couldn't find chocolate buttocks (which seemed odd given the sheer quantity of chocolate breasts, penises, and vaginas available to purchase) but I did find many listings for boxes of chocolate anuses.

Designed as a gag gift (perhaps in the literal sense), these are actually modelled on the anus of a female model volunteer. Six identical Belgian milk chocolate sphincters are presented in a black box. This novelty gift is popular around Valentine's Day and as a cheeky gag gift for birthdays and Christmas, or as a secret Santa gift for the lads or the gals.

Buy A Chocolate Anus

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15 Chocolate Toes

£1.50 | Food Is Art

Chocolate Toes
Photo credit to Food Is Art

Interestingly, the world of chocolate body parts seems to focus mostly on the upper part of the human body. Tibias, fibula, and feet seem less attractive to chocolatiers (and perhaps people in general).

The only piece of anatomy I could find below the hips were these freaky looking toes from Food is Art. Apparently, these are cast from real toes and so, they are very realistic. These solid milk, white, or dark chocolate toes are presented in a clear plastic grip seal bag made to look like they have been collected for police evidence, suggesting they are more commonly purchased for Halloween parties, themed weddings, or hen/stag parties.

Buy Chocolate Toes

Shop Now

16 Chocolate Torsos

£12.99 | ChocoNoir

Photo credit to ChocoNoir

I saw these and thought I just had to include them here. I had first seen these small chocolate torso figurines as candles, but now they're available in chocolate form. Cast in Belgian chocolate, ChocoNoir offers them in the traditional white, milk and dark chocolate options, as well as caramel, strawberry, chocolate orange, and cappuccino.

There's a couple of male torsos available, a busty female, and a pregnant lady. There's also a couple of shy options with their genitalia covered by their hands.

These torsos have wide appeal not only within the medical field, but also for those who work in the escort or adult entertainment business. It's also a fun and quirky gift for those who enjoy life drawing.


  • RadChocs on Etsy sells small 3D models of the female form. See here.
  • ChocOnChoc sells a gold-dusted milk chocolate female torso. See here.

Buy Chocolate Statues

Shop Now

Spotted a chocolate body part available in the UK that I haven't included in this list? Leave a comment below with the details and I'll check it out.

Special Mentions

In my research, I stumbled across a handful of US-based companies that specialise in the creation of human organ-shaped chocolates. I wanted to mention them so that you can check out their handiwork (even if you can't order them for the delivery to the UK - yet).

  • Visual Anatomy focuses on creating bite-size anatomical chocolate treats in the USA. The current range includes chocolatey versions of the brain, colon, ear, eye, hand, heart, hip bone, foot, kidney, knee bones, liver, lungs, pancreas, placenta, ribs, scapula, skull, sperm, and stomach. They ship to the USA and Canada right now. Check them out here.
  • Morkes Chocolates has several stores in Illinois near Chicago and boasts a range of anatomically correct chocolate models. The current range includes an anatomical heart, kidney, femur bone, hands, brain, and skull. They ship across the USA. Check them out here.
  • My Chocolate Shapes stocks a range of human anatomy chocolate pieces, many of which are available in a large or small size, or even on a stick. Body parts currently include the brain, ears, eyes, feet, hands, hip bones, human hearts, lips, kidneys, lungs, noses, the pancreas, vertebrae, and legs. They ship to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Check them out here.
  • Toe-Rific (formerly Toe-Food Chocolates) is the brainchild of podiatrist Dr. Mark Wolpa who was searching for the ideal gifts for patients and referring doctors. He now specialises in creating small foot-shaped chocolates as well as larger 280g models of feet in the medium of milk chocolate. They ship across the USA. Check them out here.

Which body part do you fancy nibbling on the most? Which is the most realistic, and does the realism put you off buying these gifts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  • I am a tissue viability nurse planning a pressure ulcer awareness display. I am trying to source chocolate feet and buttocks but I’m struggling. I’m from Lancashire in England. Any advice please

    • I had great difficulty in finding these too. I thought both body parts in chocolate would be easy to come by, but alas not in the UK. I found small buttock chocolates (popular for hen and stag parties from what I can see) by Cambridge Chocolates on etsy here.

      Equally surprising is the lack of chocolate feet. I can find silicone moulds so you can make your own (these make popular baby shower gifts apparently), but I can’t find chocolate feet for sale in the UK. I have sent an email to a contact who might be able to help point me in the right direction.

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