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Push Your Boundaries With These 6 Chocolate & Cheese Pairings

This guest post was submitted by Melt Chocolate, a luxury chocolate brand based in Notting Hill, London.

When it comes to food pairings, luxury chocolate and cheese - two very distinct flavours - probably aren’t the first double act that spring to mind. 

Both chocolate and cheese are extremely delicious and highly complex, each with an explosion of flavours waiting to be devoured. When eaten together, you feel a sense of elation as the flavours come together and seduce your taste buds like no other; both being extremely addictive and satisfying. 

If you are looking for chocolate flavours to give to your loved ones, explore the luxury chocolate gifts available, right here! You can put together a unique chocolate hamper with this unusual pairing to make it all worthwhile.

But before that, you need to know what combinations work well, so let’s dive in and explore how chocolate and cheese pairings work together!

Chocolate and Cheese Pairing

When it comes to chocolate and cheese, we often see them being served separately with wine. Chocolate with tea is a divine combination and beer with cheese is a wondrous duet as well. 

Chocolate and cheese are often described using the same adjectives - nutty, bold, creamy, rich and robust - yet are rarely paired together. But it's no wonder this food pairing really works, with interesting results too. 

If you wish to take your taste buds for a surprisingly good ride, you have to open yourself up to the unusual combinations of chocolate and cheese!

But before that, let’s understand some basics to make the most of this pairing!

Basic Guidelines to Relish Chocolate and Cheese Combinations

  • As a general rule of thumb, it is best to pair chocolates with cheese that share a similar flavour profiles. If you have a nutty chocolate, pair it up with an aged, nutty cheese. If you have dark chocolate to hand, it works brilliantly with a creamy blue cheese. 
  • Alternatively, you can find contrast in their flavour profile so that one ingredient doesn’t overpower the other. A classic example of this is dark chocolate combined with cream cheese. The buttery, sweet undertones of the cream cheese offers just the right amount of contrast to the bitterness of the dark chocolate.
  • Another aspect to keep in mind when pairing chocolate with cheese is the acidity of the ingredients. If you have cherry or tart flavoured chocolate, you need to pair it up with a cheese that enhances and complements the flavour. Creamy blue cheese will work wonderfully here. 

Now that we are aware of the basics, let’s explore the pairings in detail. Here you'll find our top cheese and chocolate pairing suggestions, based on products available from Melt Chocolate.

1 Melt’s Philippine Dark Chocolate and Young Goats Cheese

Melt 85% Philippines Dark Bar
Photo credit to Melt Chocolate

In terms of texture, this combination is the best one out there as you get the perfect balance between thick and clotty coating of the young goats cheese with the smoky and citrusy texture of this 85% Philippines dark bar

Since young goats cheese has a nice and radiant tang to it, when eaten together, it gives you a rather chocolate-cheesecake-esque flavour! A must-try that we highly recommend.

2 Melt’s Coffee Dark Bar and Gouda Cheese

Melt Coffee Dark Bar
Photo credit to Melt Chocolate

Gouda is a favourite to have with crackers but try it with this coffee-flavoured dark bar from Melt Chocolates for a highly unique and nuanced chocolate eating experience. The bitterness of coffee when combined with the sweetness of the cheese, makes it all worth it. 

If you love coffee, you will love this pairing for sure as it is an absolute delight. Mark our words, your taste buds will thank you!

3 Melt’s Single Origin Milk Chocolate and Goats Cheese

Melt 35% Single Origin Milk Chocolate
Photo credit to Melt Chocolate

Store-bought goats cheese usually has a mild flavour while you can also pick up on a host of other flavours in the mix. But, you could also try goats cheese with a more intense flavour (perhaps with a mould coating on the outside). 

The intensity of the flavour profile compliments Melt’s range of 35% single origin milk chocolate with its silky, satisfying texture rather excellently. You can stick to the mild cheese version as well and the experience will still be one to remember!

4 Melt’s Hazelnut Milk Chocolate with Cheddar Cheese

Melt Hazelnut Milk Bar
Photo credit to Melt Chocolate

Cheddar cheese is usually described as “nutty” which is why we think it goes, oh so well with a nutty chocolate. The crunchiness of flavours, when bit into together, creates a rather unique chocolate eating experience. 

Cheddar on its own is an absolute delight but with this hazelnut milk chocolate added to the mix, you will open a new door to a whole new and unique chocolate tasting experience. 

5 Melt’s Sea Salt Dark Bar Paired with Aged Cheddar

Melt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar
Photo credit to Melt Chocolate

For the most heavenly cross-over of textures and flavours ever, let the salt-crystals in this dark chocolate interact with the tyrosine crystals in the cheddar - and voila, you will be rewarded with a host of amazingly unique flavours. 

If you are looking to strike the perfect balance between the intensity of flavours, textures and taste, this chocolate and cheese pairing is a must try. 

6 Melt’s Fruity Chocolate with Brie Cheese

Melt Orange Dark Chocolate Bar
Photo credit to Melt Chocolate

If you are a cheese lover, you’d know that Brie cheese works well with fruits and by extension, all fruity flavours in general. If you wish to go for a more citrusy flavour then this orange dark chocolate bar is a must try. The creamy Brie pairing will for sure come through for you with this toast and marmalade milk chocolate bar as well. 

For the best experience, however, ensure that the cheese is kept at room temperature. This is when it’ll be at its creamiest and by default, the tastiest version of itself as well!

Cheese and chocolate are two very versatile ingredients which, when combined, create a whole host of new and exciting flavours for you to explore. 

If you are a chocolate or cheese connoisseur, send across a luxury chocolate delivery to a loved one to gorge on!

Treat yourself or your loved ones to this heavenly combination and have a great time enjoying the explosion of flavours in your mouth! 

Thank you to Melt Chocolates for these great suggestions on pairing chocolate and cheese. Be sure to check out their website for luxury chocolate gifts and for chocolate experience days.

What's your favourite chocolate and cheese pairing combination? Let me know in a comment below.

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