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Giant 4.5kg Toberlone Bar

Giant 4.5kg Toberlone Bar
Photo credit to Cadbury Gifts Direct

Take your average supermarket Toblerone bar, then supersize it. No, bigger. Go big or go home, right? This monster Toblerone bar is the thing of many childhood dreams - and now it is real!

4.5kg of Swiss milk chocolate with honey and nougat. Yes, four and a half kilograms!

At 78cm in length, it simply dwarfs the rest of the Toblerone range. Somehow you're supposed to get 180 25g portions out of this, but it's difficult to see how without discipline and restraint. Just don't try to polish this off in one go as it contains 24,120 calories.

Perfect for kids and us bigger kids, this is a gift to remember.

Why choose this particular Cadbury chocolate bar by Cadbury?

  • This chocolate bar features milk chocolate.
  • Cadbury produces a popular range of chocolates including Dairy Milk, Roses, Crunchie, Twirl, and many more.
  • A wide range of Cadbury gifts are available to purchase online.
  • Cadbury chocolate is loved far and wide by many people..
RRP: £73.99

Cadbury products often contain ingredients such as milk, hazelnuts, wheat and soya, or traces of such ingredients. Refer to the individual ingredients list on each product to be sure.

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