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Hotel Chocolat Absolute Classics Gift Box

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Hotel Chocolat Absolute Classics Gift Box
Photo credit to Hotel Chocolat

If you like your chocolate to be simple and clean in terms of flavours, yet delicious in taste, the Absolute Classics chocolate gift hamper is for you.

This stylish black box is finished with a white ribbon and practically screams "gift". Inside, there's an assortment of bestsellers from across the range. There's a box of tempting Chocolate Macarons, a box of 40% Milk Chocolate Batons, and a lovely drum of Pink Champagne Truffles. Drinks come in the form of a drum of 70% Classic Hot Chocolate (which is ideal for using with the Velvetiser by the way) and a bottle of award-winning Chocolat Cream Liqueur.

In case that wasn't enough, there's also a The Everything Sleekster Chocolate Gift Box, filled with an assortment of Hotel Chocolat pralines and truffles, in a variety of flavours, from carrot cake (made with real carrot) through to the delicious and indulgent Florentine Isabelle.

Why choose this particular gift box by Hotel Chocolat?

RRP: £85
This item might be out of stock. You can check with the retailer below.

Some Hotel Chocolat products contain nuts, gluten/wheat, peanuts, egg, milk, soya, sulphites, and sesame.

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