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Chocolate Museum opens in south London

Chocolate MuseumA NEW permanent exhibition about Chocolate has opened at the Chocolate Museum in south London.

Visitors to the main display at the Chocolate Museum in Brixton can learn about the origins of chocolate and fascinating images and artefacts.

Further exhibitions are planned to explain the impact of chocolate across Europe and historic tools, cups and boxes.

Daily workshops are also planned at the Chocolate Museum and chocolate from a range of UK artisans are available in the museum shop. The museum is open everyday except Mondays - get more information here.

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Chocolate Box

Swiss Chocolates From Betty's°

Fritz Bützer, who changed his name to Frederick Belmont when he settled in Harrogate, learned to become a confectioner and chocolatier while travelling through Switzerland and France. In 1919, he opened Betty's Tea Room in the Yorkshire town which has since become an institution. The company still makes and sells a wide range of chocolates using the finest Swiss Grand Cru.

Shop at Betty's°