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Chocolate Reviews [Page 25]

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Here at, we’re ardent supporters of chocolate in all its forms. However, not all chocolate is created equal. Finding a good bar of chocolate, a tasty chocolate ice cream,or a satisfying hot chocolate can be quite the task. Price alone does not dictate quality, nor does packaging.

In a bid to separate great chocolate from the rest, we’ve unselfishly thrown ourselves at the task to taste test as many varieties of chocolates and chocolate bars from as many manufacturers and chocolatiers as we discover. You are welcome!

What pairs perfectly with a chocolatey treat? A good book, of course, providing high quality information, recipes, tips and insider knowledge from the world of chocolate. We have been busy reading plenty of chocolate recipe books and chocolatier travelogues to find the best worth investing in.

We pride ourselves on honest, no-nonsense, real world chocolate reviews that explains exactly what you can expect if you try that chocolate. You may agree or disagree with our outcomes (as everybody’s taste buds and preferences are different), and we encourage you to comment with your own reviews and feedback, to share your experiences with us and fellow readers.

Kokopelli's Chocolate selection

Review: Kokopelli’s Chocolate

Launching a luxury chocolate brand in the middle of a recession can’t be easy but Steph Saffer, founder of Kokopelli’s Chocolates in April 2012, and part of a growing band of artisanal chocolatiers, is undeterred. Steph says she has always...

Zotter Walnuts with Marzipan bar’s stocking filler reviews

A little high-quality chocolate hidden in the toe of a Christmas stocking will always be a treat. Here are some stocking filler suggestions: Paul Wayne Gregory Christmas Pudding Truffle Appearance: a red-tinted half dome-shaped truffle, with a noticeable shine to...

Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Jam truffles

Review: Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Jam

Hotel Chocolat's Raspberry Jam isn't in fact a jam, but twenty two flavoured truffles. The truffles are playfully presented in a real glass jam jar with a thick paper across the lid making it a great looking product. Within a...

Toblerone Gifts

Gift Packs and Personalised Toblerone Bars°

Send a feelings, with gift packs to make them feel proud or extra loved, or to commemorate shared memories and celebrate the things that make them special. For a gift that's more unique, personalise a bar of Toblerone Swiss milk chocolate.

Shop at Toblerone°

Hotel Chocolat Hot Pineapple truffle

Review: Hot Pineapple truffles

These Hot Pineapple truffles are part of the Selectors range from high street chocolatiers, Hotel Chocolat. Selectors offers a changing selection of recipes using a wide range of ingredients. These Hot Pineapple truffles take a pineapple and chilli spiced ganache...

Lindt Creation range

Review: Creation range from Lindt

This September, the Swiss chocolate makers Lindt will launch a new range of bars. Though already available in few selected supermarkets, expect to find Lindt 'Creation' nationwide soon. In the UK, we know Lindt for its 'Excellence' range, mouthwatering thin...

Damian Allsop's Eat London range

Review: Damian Allsop’s Eat London range

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, tapping into Britishness is a strand among British chocolatiers this year, with many of them making a point of using patriotic British ingredients in their creations. With his new Eat London...