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Chocolate School

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I’m a firm believer in walking a mile in another person’s shoes to better understand their world. I’ve also wanted to play with chocolate in my kitchen. And so, the two inevitably combined and I enrolled in the Self-Taught School on the ‘How to be a Chocolatier’ course!

The low budget version of enrolling on a proper chocolate business startup course, this is my journey of learning through doing (and making mistakes). I hope to learn some new skills, share my own insight as a result, and perhaps inspire you, dear reader, to play around with chocolate in your kitchen. Above all though, I want to have fun.

As a chocolate blogger, I feel compelled to share my journey of ups and downs with you. Feel free to laugh at my expense when I mess things up like a right proper newbie. But equally, please share any tips and tricks you’ve discovered along the way too.

Inside my Pink Raspberry Ruby Chocolate Bonbon

Pink Raspberry Ruby Chocolate Bonbon Recipe

Ruby chocolate has been around for a while, and I've seen many applications of it, from simple slabs of chocolate and hot chocolates through to bonbons and patisserie delights. When I first tasted Callebaut's RB1 ruby chocolate, I commented "I...

Inside my Ruby Chocolate Eclairs

Ruby Chocolate Eclairs Recipe

Let me begin by saying I had never made choux pastry before today. Nor had I made Crème Pâtissière, nor had I piped, nor had I topped chocolate eclairs. So, this is certainly not my finest work but as a...

Light and fluffy Milk Chocolate Mousse

Simple & Easy Milk Chocolate Mousse Recipe

As I rummaged through my goody box of home baking ingredients from LemonVanilla, the MASSIVE 1kg bottle of Colac Chocolate Topping Sauce got me thinking. What do you make that benefits from a drizzle of chocolate sauce? Other than ice...

Chocolate Fudge Welsh Cakes Recipe

Chocolate Fudge Welsh Cakes Recipe

New home-baking ingredients supplier LemonVanilla challenged me to find a novel use for Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pieces. They reckon these small cubes of chocolate fudge are ideal for adding to cakes, ice cream, desserts, in hot chocolates, sprinkled on milkshakes,...