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Chocolate, Tea and Charity

chocolateteaIf you’re partial to a chocolate treat and a cup of tea, then the month of May 2015 gives you the chance to not only enjoy chocolate but raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust by taking part in the Big Chocolate Tea Party.

The Sick Children’s Trust is a  charity which supports families with seriously ill children,  including the offer of ‘homes from home’  around the country, so allowing families to stay free for charge while their child is undergoing treatment at hospitals nearby. At this most stressful and difficult time for families, the Sick Children’s Trust offers practical and invaluable support. The stories from parents the charity has helped  are deeply moving and it’s clear how important its work is.  It costs £28 for The Sick Children’s Trust to provide a room in a Home From Home for a family for one night, so the charity is asking its supporters to raise £28 or more by taking part in the Big Chocolate Tea Party.

Award-winning chocolatier Paul A. Young , talented Great British Bake Off star Edd Kimber and TV weather presenter Sian Lloyd are among those backing the campaign. “I’ve  been very inspired and genuinely touched by what The Sick Children’s Trust provides for so many families across the country,” says Paul. The Big Chocolate Tea Party, points out Sian, enables people “to show their support for this wonderful charity by simply having their favourite chocolate treats and enjoying a cup of tea. It’s guilt-free chocolate at its best!”

So, look up your favourite chocolate recipes – think soft, goo-ey chocolate brownies, splendid chocolate fudge cakes, elegant chocolate eclairs – get baking, put out your vintage china, muster up your friends and families and join hundreds of people across the country by taking part in the Big Chocolate Tea Party.

For a Big Chocolate Tea Party Pack simply email your details to

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