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Chocolate News [Page 6]

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Read about the latest and breaking chocolate news from British retailers, craft bean-to-bar chocolatiers, and chocolate producers in the UK that matters to you.

The chocolate world changes rapidly and frequently, so it can be tough keeping up with the latest news and developments. We at keep abreast of the situation and cover the news that is relevant and important to you.

Keeping with out ‘telling it like it is’ philosophy, we strip out the marketing spin from press releases and explain in plain English what it all means for you, the consumer.

If you want to see your news appear here, regardless of whether you are a craft bean-to-bar producer, small chocolate maker, or multinational chocolate corporation, please get in touch.

Nestlé Limited Edition White Chocolate Munchies

Nestlé Launches White Chocolate Munchies

Nestlé launches a new white chocolate version of its popular range of Munchies confectionery this month. The original Munchies treat dates back to 1957, and has recently seen new varieties launch, including Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Munchies Cookie Dough. Over the...

Chocolate Box

Swiss Chocolates From Betty's°

Fritz Bützer, who changed his name to Frederick Belmont when he settled in Harrogate, learned to become a confectioner and chocolatier while travelling through Switzerland and France. In 1919, he opened Betty's Tea Room in the Yorkshire town which has since become an institution. The company still makes and sells a wide range of chocolates using the finest Swiss Grand Cru.

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Escape the Advent Calendar

When Escape Rooms Meet Advent Calendars…

Is it too early to be talking about Christmas? The reality is that many businesses are busy preparing for the festive season already. One such business is Peterborough-based Insync Games, an escape room design firm. 'What's this got to do...