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Cocoa Loco Adds New Limited Edition Summer Chocolate Bars To Line-Up

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Sussex-based chocolate brand Cocoa Loco has launched a new limited-edition range of summer-themed chocolate bars to its product line-up.

Handmade using organic and Fairtrade certified chocolate, these slabs feature interesting flavour combinations together with pretty decorations. Cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic are used across Cocoa Loco's product range.

Limited edition chocolate bars don't tend to hang around long in my experience, and are normally only available for a short time, so if you like the sound of any of these bars, get them while you still can.

Raspberry Ripple White Chocolate Bar

£3.49 | 100g | Shop this bar

Cocoa Loco Raspberry Ripple White Chocolate Bar
Raspberry Ripple White Chocolate Bar. Photo credit to Cocoa Loco

Drawing inspiration from the success of the brand's Lemon Drizzle White Chocolate Bar (see here), this bar incorporates the flavour of a classic seaside ice cream flavour.

Sarah Payne, founder of Cocoa Loco, said she sought a fresh and summery fruity flavour, and felt white chocolate was an often overlooked platform.

This chocolate bar features pretty pink swirls and is topped with freeze-dried raspberry pieces. The flavour of the bar is faithful to the British classic summertime treat.

If you can't make it to a beach this year thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, get the taste of summer delivered right to your door.

Praline & Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar

£3.49 | 100g | Shop this bar

Cocoa Loco Praline & Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar
Praline & Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar. Photo credit to Cocoa Loco

Hazelnut and chocolate is a timeless combination and is frequently used in chocolate spreads and chocolate truffles. In this classy version, 73% dark chocolate is blended with lighted roasted hazelnut praline for a smooth, rich flavour. The chocolate is studded with crunchy whole hazelnuts for extra crunch.

What makes this bar more special is that it is a vegan chocolate bar. Sarah notes that the inspiration for this bar was the cult following for the brand's praline truffles together with her desire to create a vegan chocolate bar that was "so creamy you won't believe it's vegan".

Cherry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar

£3.49 | 100g | Shop this bar

Cocoa Loco Cherry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar
Cherry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar. Photo credit to Cocoa Loco

Cherry and almond is one of my all-time favourite flavour combinations, which partly explains my addiction to Bakewell Tarts. I'm not alone as this flavour was inspired by Rory (a.k.a. Mr Cocoa Loco) who also has a fondness for this baked delicacy.

If this combination seems familiar to you, you might recognise it from the Giant Vegan Bakewell Easter Egg the brand released earlier this year, made with 73% dark chocolate and studded with organic Fairtrade blanched almonds and tart sour cherries from Uzbekistan.

Sarah confirmed that the Easter Egg was so popular "that it was a no-brainer to make a bar version". I suspect this zingy sour cherry and crunchy almond-studded limited edition bar will prove just as popular as the egg.

Orange & Cranberry Milk Chocolate Bar

£3.49 | 100g | Shop this bar

Cocoa Loco Orange & Cranberry Milk Chocolate Bar
Orange & Cranberry Milk Chocolate Bar. Photo credit to Cocoa Loco

A taste of things to come, perhaps? This bar almost sounds festive in nature, and is a taste of Christmas in the summer.

Sarah notes "the aromatic sweetness of orange matches so well with the tart juicy cranberries and the smooth milk chocolate in this bar."

Chocolate orange is a classic combo, and the addition of tangy cranberries studded in this bar takes it up a notch.

I wonder if this will return later in the year as a Spiced Orange & Cranberry Milk Chocolate Bar? The addition of some warming festive spices might just work here.

The full range of limited edition chocolate bars can be found on the Cocoa Loco website here. Other notable bars include the beautiful pale green Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Bar and the Coconut & Cardamom Milk Chocolate Bar.

Cocoa Loco offers free delivery for orders over £30.

Which limited-edition bar whets your appetite the most? Let me know in a comment below.

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