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Conscious Chocolate’s Love Potion Valentine’s Day Gift Box Review

Disclosure: Conscious Chocolate kindly sent me a 180g box of Love Potion No 9 chocolate hearts free of charge for the purposes of a review. Conscious Chocolate had no influence over the content on this page. My opinions are my own. This article may contain affiliate links (identified by a ° symbol). These financially support this website - and our chocolate research - at no extra cost to you. Find out more.

Organic raw chocolate brand Conscious Chocolate has created a Love Potion Gift Box especially for Valentine’s Day. The box is available for home delivery and is an edible alternative to the tired, same-old bouquet of a dozen red roses.

Conscious Chocolate Love Potion Gift Box
The colourful plastic-free packaging

This box does, however, draw inspiration from the classic time-tested Valentine’s Day gift of a bunch of flowers in the sense that the 'Love Potion' recipe is based around the flavour of rose.

Conscious Chocolate describes the taste as a "sensual and luxurious experience" that is "reminiscent of Prussian Turkish Delight." It also describes these hearts as "luxury organic vegan aphrodisiacs."

Conscious Chocolate Love Potion Gift Box Review
The compact 180g gift box

Handmade in Sussex, England, the 62% dark chocolate hearts incorporate raw organic Peruvian cacao, Bulgarian rose essential oil, and Indonesian coconut blossom for natural sweetness. The chocolates are free from refined sugars, free from dairy products, and free of soya ingredients.

Conscious Chocolate Love Potion No 9 chocolate ingredients:
Coconut blossom sugar (30%), cacao butter, cacao powder, coconut oil, carob, maca (0.4%), essential oil of rose (0.04%), cinnamon, sea salt. Cocoa solids: 62% minimum.

The Love Potion No 9 chocolate hearts arrive in a purple-pink hued packaging that is fully recyclable. Inside, there's also a handful of dried rose petals to set the romantic mood. The hearts are sealed inside a transparent compostable bag which is decorated with a reusable pink bow.

Conscious Chocolate kindly sent me a box of these hearts to taste. The gift box is an impressive affair, with a beautiful pinky-purple colour scheme. Pair it with a bottle of bubbly or gift it as a stand-alone item.

Inside the Conscious Chocolate Love Potion Gift Box
The chocolate hearts, bagged with a bow together with dried rose petals

The box contains a wealth of information about the company, the product and the packaging. The front of the box features Conscious' logo in silver-foiled print which 'pops' out from the dark pink and purple hues. The explanation of the brand is detailed, with interesting information such as the fact that the kitchen is powered using 100% renewable energy sources.

The product panel describes these as "luxurious, creamy, floral, truffle-like" hearts, and touches upon the origins of the oil and maca root. The packaging information explains what to do with the various components to recycle or compost them, including a novel suggestion to use the rose petals to create a romantic bath (just add bubbles, a glass of bubbly, a good book, and these chocolates for some well-deserved rest and relaxation).

Conscious Love Potion Rose and Maca Dark Chocolate Hearts
A handy kit for Valentine's Day

Inside, the bag of chocolate hearts is sealed with a cute clip-on pink bow that can be saved and used elsewhere again and again. There's also a helping of rose petals that could be scattered upon your bed to set a romantic mood, if your heart so desired.

Tearing into the heat-sealed bag, the soothing floral rose fragrance is immediately detectable. It sits front and centre above the aroma from the cacao. My own bugbear with the packaging is the compostable film pouch can't be resealed, so you'll need to store these hearts in an airtight container should you not get around to eating them all on Valentine's Day for whatever reason...

Inside the Conscious Love Potion Rose Dark Chocolate Hearts
A dozen rose chocolate hearts hearts together with dried rose petals

The hearts are scuffed which is the downside of opting for bagged chocolates over boxed chocolates. There's a shine beneath the bruised surfaces that I craved to see more. Depending on your Valentine's Day plans, there's a good chance you'll end up consuming these romantic treats in a dimly-lit room so their surface appearance is neither here nor there to be honest.

Rose clearly dominates the aroma coming from these hearts, but I also picked up notes of coconut alongside the earthy and rich notes from the cacao.

On biting into the solid 62% organic raw chocolate, the rose flavour dominates in exactly the way I expected it to do. It toes the line between being forceful enough to compete against the cacao without tasting like you're eating a mouthful of Pot-pourri. In fact, the rose flavour broadly resembles that of the classic Turkish Delight flavour, and works very well against the dark chocolate.

Texturally, these are solid blocks of chocolate. I expected a slightly more pliable texture to be worthy of a description of "truffle-like."

The coconut flavours intermingle with the slightly-bitter and slightly-earthy cacao, creating a perfumed base for the rose flavour to sit upon. That bitterness is tamed well by the creaminess derived from the cocoa butter and coconut oil, together with the sweetness from the coconut blossom sugar.

Inside the Conscious Love Potion Rose and Maca Dark Cacao Hearts
A look inside the solid chocolate hearts

The coconut flavour disappears into the lead up to the aftertaste, leaving the rose flavour to linger for a long while afterwards.

The chocolate hearts are cast as solid pieces, so they'll appeal to the vast majority of dark chocolate lovers with a hankering for all things rose. There's no messy, gooey centres to deal with here, just dark solid chocolate. They're perfect for sharing with a partner on Valentine's Day, but are equally just as good to dip into while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath on your own.

Overall, this is a lovely romantic gift that's ideal for a dark chocolate lover who loves the flavour of rose. They're a great excuse not to bother with the bouquet this year. The heart-shaped presentation of these vegan chocolates makes this ideal for Valentine's Day while the addition of dried rose petals is twee and novel. I'd argue that while this gift box is aimed at couples looking to set a romantic mood on Valentine's Day, it's equally suited to singletons who fancy a bit of guilt-free self indulgence.

Conscious Chocolate Love Potion Gift Box Review

RRP: £9.95 | Conscious Chocolate | Shop now°

A cute gift box filled with a dozen Turkish Delight flavour dark chocolate hearts. These vegan, solid chocolate hearts unapologetically put the rose flavour front and centre. The rose flavour holds its ground against the dark chocolate base, with the additional ingredients helping to add creaminess and sweetness. If you love dark chocolate and the flavour of rose, you'll enjoy working through these little treats.

Score: 4

Pair this gift box with a bottle of bubbly and a bottle of chocolate-scented massage oil for the ultimate lockdown Valentine's Day night in. Alternatively, enjoy a couple's bath, or perhaps enjoy a dash of Neflix and chilling.

Found on eBay

The 180g Love Potion No 9 Gift Box is available on the Conscious Chocolate website here° (£9.95).

If you're not bothered about cute little heart shapes, the same recipe is available in bar form here° (£2.99).

Rose is a popular flavour for Valentine's Day chocolate treats but do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

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