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Chocolate Businesses Respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What a surreal situation the world now finds itself in. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept across the world in record time, with 343,427 confirmed cases and 14,778 deaths at the time of writing.

In the UK, businesses are temporarily closing their doors. Massive brands including McDonalds, Costa Coffee, and Nandos are all shutting down during the outbreak, impacting on its employees and those key workers who rely on quick snacks or fast food. It will undoubtedly help to stop unnecessary and inadvertent spread in the short term though. There's also the potential win for the supermarket food supply chains if they can suddenly get their paws on considerably more meat and potatoes for retail customers.

Chocolate businesses are also impacted, with many shops choosing to close their doors for the protection of both customers and staff. Many have turned to the Internet, recommending customers place online orders.

Here's a list of temporary changes and offers that I'm aware of in the chocolate industry.

Find Your Local Chocolate Maker

Support your local chocolate maker
Find your local chocolate maker

As a chocolate blogger, I felt the urge to help out my chocolate industry friends in the best way I could. I decided that a list of regional chocolate makers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland was a good start.

My list is growing by the day as I add more small and medium-sized chocolate makers and chocolatiers to it. At this critical time for small businesses, I encourage you to shop locally but ONLINE. Get your chocolate fix delivered - and be sure to socially distance yourself from the postie or courier when you get that knock on the door.

Find your local chocolate maker.

Chocolate Tree 25% Discount Code

Chocolate Tree 85% Porcelana Chocolate Packaging Close-up
Chocolate Tree 85% Porcelana Chocolate Bar

I read with a heavy heart that Alistair and Friederike of Chocolate Tree have ceased production during the outbreak. They will return when it is safe to do so. I'm sure it's a move that will be replicated by other chocolate makers in time, looking to protect the health and safety of their staff, customers, and delivery workers.

While sad, the duo are still dispatching online orders while it is safe to do so, and have launched a 25% discount code. If you've been fortunate to taste their handiwork, I'm sure you'll be placing an order asap. If you've not tried their chocolate, read my Chocolate Tree's Porcelana review and you'll understand why I just placed an order!

Use discount code TOGETHERNOW at the checkout to receive 25% off your order for a limited time.

Shop now.

Free Downloads of Cacao Magazine

Cacao Magazine
View digital versions of issue 1 and 2 of Cacao Magazine

Self isolation sucks. But to protect the health of the wider population, it's a necessary move. While the vast majority of people realise that Coronavirus is a global crisis that needs draconian measures to combat it, there's still people who are acting selfishly, potentially robbing the fragile lives of others.

So, follow the Government's advice and be safe. And if that means quarantining yourself at home, then so be it. You could look at it as a dreary period of time or you could instead look at it as an opportunity to catch up on reading you've wanted to do for a long time but hadn't got around to it.

If you're looking for an insightful read, Cacao Magazine is offering issue 1 and 2 FREE OF CHARGE during the Coronavirus outbreak. It's a lovely gesture and I'm sure many will sign up for this. Just follow the link below and pop in your details. You'll receive a pair of Issuu links through email to unlock edition 1 and 2 to read online.

Read issue 1 and 2 of Cacao magazine.

Cocoa Runners Launches Chocs for Docs

Cocoa Runners has launched a new initiative named 'Chocs for Docs' and it does exactly that. You donate £10, £20, or £30 via a special page on their website and they will supply gift packages of craft chocolate to front line NHS staff during this overwhelming period. Boxes will be distributed to doctors, nurses, administrators, and cleaners and is a nice gesture, especially at a time when some selfish people forget that there are NHS workers in need of essentials right now. Right now, high quality chocolate is ideal as a sorely needed pick-me-up for so many people.

Cocoa Runners states that any surplus profit made from this initiative will be donated to local food banks which are also under immense pressure right now.

Help support Chocs for Docs.

Chocim Chocolate 25% Discount Code

Artisan chocolatier Chocim Chocolate of London has launched a 25% discount code on its website.

Use code 78JCXNAX at the checkout. It's valid until 27th March 2020 and appears to be valid for anything on their website, from pralines to chocolate hampers.

Shop now.

Spotted a Coronavirus offer or freebie offered by a brand in the chocolate industry? Hear about a chocolate maker doing something amazing for local heroes during this pandemic? Leave a comment below and I'll update this list.

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