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London’s Fortnum & Mason Teases Its Fabulous Christmas 2020 Range

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Earlier this week I took a look at the festive range Hotel Chocolat is delivering for Christmas 2020. Today, my attention is drawn to Fortnum & Mason. The upmarket department store in Piccadilly, London, has revealed its line-up for the festive season, covering its famous F&M Christmas hampers, foodie treats, and even a selection of festive pet food (Dog Bone Personalised Hessian Stocking, anyone?)

So, what have chocolate lovers got in treat from this luxury food retailer? I take a look at my favourites below.

Bawden Stag & Santa Advent Calendar

Fortnum & Mason Bawden Stag & Santa Advent Calendar

This refillable advent calendar features a reinvention of an Edward Bawden image that was originally used in the Fortnum's Christmas Catalogue in 1956. It features depictions of Father Christmas, the reindeer, and Fortnum's cats and dogs.

It joins nine other advent calendars in this year's line-up, including the Tea Lovers Advent Calendar (£25) and the wonderful Feasting Advent Calendar (£200) that features miniature samples each day from across the Fortnum's product range.

This Bawden Stag & Santa Christmas advent calendar is shipped without chocoltes so you'll need to fill it yourself. You may wish to browse Fortnum's chocolate collection (see their website) for inspiration.

£99. Shop this.

Chocolate Covered Whisky Lebkuchen

Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Covered Whisky Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen, for me, is one of the most quintessential tastes of Christmas. It's on my shopping list each year.

Taking theirs up a notch from your average honey-sweetened German cake cookie, these miniature Fortnum & Mason bites are made in Nuremberg and are spiked with Scotch whiskey and dipped in 72% Belgian dark chocolate.

£12.95 (300g).

Hand-Dipped Dark Chocolate Griottes

Handmade in England using a traditional recipe, these Griottes are presented in a lovely circular box. Kentish Morello cherries, steeped in French brandy for at least three years, are dipped in fondant sugar and sealed inside a thin shell of dark chocolate.

After standing for six weeks, the alcohol dissolves the fondant into an intoxicating liquid syrup.

£46 (227g).

Merrilossus Biscuits

Fortnum & Mason Merrilossus Biscuits

If the Merrilossus is anything to go by, Fortnum's knows how to do a chocolate-covered biscuit. These are loaded with fruit, nuts and spice - think Christmas Pudding in biscuit form. If you've tried their Chocolossus, this is their festive cousin.

£17.95 (600g). Shop these.

Christmas Coal

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Coal

Not a million miles away from the Chocolate Coal by Waitrose I reviewed last year, this is Fortnum's take.

Classic cinder toffee honeycomb is dipped in milk chocolate and dusted to look like lumps of coal. It's a nice little stocking filler.

£12.95 (250g).

Christmas Peppermint Bark

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Peppermint Bark

One for the young - or young at heart, this nostalgic peppermint bark will go down well over Christmas. A slab of dark chocolate is topped with a layer of white chocolate, with crushed candy canes liberally sprinkled on top of this.

Slabs are broken into shards - or bark - and boxed in traditional-style red and cream packaging.

£12.95 (150g).

Bonus: Mini Hamper Christmas Tree Decoration

Fortnum & Mason Mini Hamper Christmas Decoration

It's not chocolate, but it's just too cute not to mention here.

I'll leave you with this adorable Christmas tree decoration that is a must for lovers of Fortnum & Mason's iconic wicker hampers. This might be a scaled down version just for the Christmas tree, but it still carries the must-have "F&M" branding on the side.

Other decorations are available, including the Red Tea Caddy Ornament (£20), a traditional Afternoon Tea Tray Ornament (£25), and the Fortnum & Mason Hot Air Balloon Ornament (£20), but it's this irresistibly cute mini hamper that captures my heart the most.

The Mini Hamper Christmas tree decoration is perfect for regular Fortnum shoppers and those of us that lust over the brand's lavish Christmas hampers each year.

£18. Shop this.

Found on eBay

Other chocolate highlights include Christmas Reindeer Noses (£8.95; 150g), Milk Chocolate Spiced Oat Crumble & Praline Ganache Bar (£6.95), and the Christmas Ganache & Praline Chocolate Box (£16.95; 145g).

Fortnum's Three Chocolate Panettone (£39.95) also sounds irresistible. Made to a traditional family recipe, it benefits from the addition of milk, dark and white Valrhona chocolate.

Most of the Christmas seasonal products should be available online in September (check here). If you are shopping in-store in London, the Christmas shop will be available in early November.

What are you most looking forward to in this festive collection by Fortnum & Mason? Let me know in the comments below.

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