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Fortnum & Mason Develops Heinz Baked Bean Chocolate Truffle

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As I've heated up my tin of Heinz Baked Beans, I've often wondered if it could be turned into a chocolate truffle. Said nobody.

Well, that's not strictly true as the Heinz Baked Bean Chocolate Truffle is now a thing, masterminded by London's Fortnum & Mason.

To understand how this wacky chocolate came to be, you need to head back to 1886, when Fortnum & Mason became the UK's first stockist of Heinz products. With Heinz celebrating its 150th birthday in 2019, Fortnum's decided to celebrate this landmark event in an unusual way.

Alongside the Fortnum & Mason branded tins of Heinz Baked Beans (£1.50), Heinz Tomato Soup (£1.50), and Heinz Tomato Ketchup (£1.95), you'll find a new creation that is certainly in the realms of the unexpected.

Fortnum & Mason Heinz Baked Bean Chocolate Truffle
Who'd have thought this innocent looking chocolate truffle could be so divisive? Photo credit to Fortnum & Mason; Seven Dials PR

Crafted by Aneesh Popat, this cheeky little number features an outlandish combination of tomato, haricot beans, white chocolate, and crunchy sourdough breadcrumbs. According to Fortnum's, it's divisive and you'll love it or hate it.

While I don't have an issue with haricot beans with creamy white chocolate and crunchy sourdough crumbs, it's the addition of tomato that makes me a little uneasy. Still, this bizarre chocolate truffle is right up my street and is certainly something I'd try at least once.

It's available in the Piccadilly store in London. Speaking of which, the chocolate department here has recently relaunched. Fortnum & Mason claims it now brings together "500 different varieties of chocolate in one place."

Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Department refit
The newly relaunched chocolate department in the London Piccadilly store. Photo credit to Fortnum & Mason; Seven Dials PR

The amphitheatre-like counter boasts 300 loose chocolates including truffles, caramels, chocolate bark, dragees, marzipan, pralines, and ganache. I can't believe I missed the Dusted Royal Blend Tea truffle, the Ruby Chocolate Kent Orchard Honey truffle, or the flavoured caramels when I visited in early September.

There's also five new single origin chocolates available in callet form, suitable for creating indulgent hot chocolates or for general cooking. This book may come in handy there.

View the chocolate range online at Fortnum & Mason

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Are you brave enough to take on the Heinz white chocolate truffle, or is this a step to far? Spill the beans in the comments below.

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