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Hand-crafted chocolates at Heal’s furniture store

Paul A Young Heals Shop chocs scaled

London’s vibrant chocolate scene continues to see more high-end chocolate shops opening, offering chocolate-lovers more and more opportunity to indulge their craving. In a particularly appropriate match, Heal’s – the famous furniture store on Tottenham Court Road, noted for championing furniture design – will now be home to artisan chocolatier Paul A. Young’s latest chocolaterie.

In a prime spot in the shop’s entrance, this small but stylish space showcases not only Young’s signature, creative, hand-crafted chocolate range – in witty flavours such as Marmite or Eccles Cake – but also his chocolate-flavoured baked goods. An open-plan kitchen will send out freshly-baked treats such as Paul A Young’s distinctive, soft-textured, seriously rich brownies, cakes and cantuccini, with customers able to sit and enjoy them in store.

It’s refreshing to see a major store showcasing an innovative, independent, high-end food business, rather than simply opening a branch of a lacklustre chain, in this way. With Heals now offering both beautiful pieces of furniture and classy chocolate treats, furniture shopping at the store has definitely become even more appealing.

Paul A Young at Heals Shop scaled

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