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Hotel Chocolat Launches Inventing Room Monthly Subscription Box

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Hotel Chocolat's Tasting Club chocolate subscription services used to be a way to taste some of the new flavours the company was looking to roll out to its shops nationwide. Over the years, the Everything, Mellow, Tipsy and High Cocoa Tasting Club selections have morphed into a selection box of new and old, and they're a great way to taste a wide assortment of Hotel Chocolat's creations in an economical way.

But as these collections have morphed, and as the Hotel Chocolat product range has grown to include biscuits, chocolate alcohol, chocolate macarons, and more, it's left a gap. A gap where loyal customers can act as a focus group, shaping the Hotel Chocolat product range. A gap that's now filled by their latest subscription service, the Inventing Room Monthly Subscription Box, at £30/month.

Hotel Chocolat Inventing Room Monthly Subscription Box
Photo credit to Hotel Chocolat

The Inventing Room is a secretive area of Hotel Chocolat's Cambridgeshire factory, where recipes are created and refined by the Cacao Innovation Team long before they hit the shelves. It's a place only a select few ever see, and a place Hotel Chocolat chocolate-loving bloggers aspire to visit (wink, wink).

The Inventing Room Monthly Subscription Box taps into fresh and innovative creations straight out of the factory.

What's Inside The Box?

The monthly box will contain an assortment of small-batch products straight out of The Inventing Room. The packaging will be unlike Hotel Chocolat's retails pouches and bags, with brown bags replacing the sleek black and white wrappers. The chocolates won't even have a catchy name. They're simply a preview of things to come.

Hotel Chocolat promises to send you a monthly mystery box of chocolates, biscuits, hot chocolates, chocolate drinks, macarons, brownies, and other innovations yet to be named.

On the website, you'll learn about the inspiration and story behind every recipe featured in your box through video commentary. Membership also comes with the opportunity to access to members-only digital Inventing Room tasting events.

The best bit though (besides the eating part) is that your opinions will directly influence the direction of product development. Collectively as a focus group, your feedback will help determine what sees the light of days on the shop shelves. Now that's power!

How Much Does it Cost?

Hotel Chocolat's website claims the Inventing Room Monthly Subscription Box service has a "limited membership" and "places are available by invitation only". However, it's currently promoted on the home page of their website so I think there's an initial window where any customer can sign up.

By the looks of it, there's also a time-limited launch offer for members who can save £10 off their first monthly payment of £30.

You can read about the Inventing Room Monthly Subscription Box service here, or you can find the Everything, Mellow, Tipsy and High Cocoa Tasting Club subscription services here (from £25/month).

Would you prefer the Inventing Room Monthly Subscription Box or Hotel Chocolat's classic subscription boxes? Let me know in the comments below.


  • Dear Angus Thirlwell

    Very many thanks indeed to you and your Team for the thoroughly Excellent ” November 2020 Box ” that has just reached me as one of your most recent members. It has been simply decades ( I am 76 ) since I tasted such perfection ! I am lucky enough to have been around the globe as many times as I have fingers, so the additional opportunity to look at the St Lucia latest website for your business’ newly launched hotel was also very interesting news for me.

    As to my COMMENTS for The Inventing Room Team: (a) I thought the packaging of the various separate items was very very adroit, Fortnums need to beware, say I; (b) I thought the sheer minuteness of the Nibs was a bit ‘ too ‘ minute, I kept on dropping them from my finger grip; (c) I am not a gin drinker, but I failed to notice any hint of gin in Pack A’s item – though maybe that is intentionally blended that way [?] ; (d) I think the current proportion of chilli in the Firecracker is a bit too much, I’m unsure if anyone taking a mere nibble to start with would really be enthusiastic about consuming the rest of it [?] (e) For me, the remainder were splendid, especially the Pack D ” Biscuit ” – perhaps you will see fit to make the launch version somewhat larger ? .

    One day, I would love to know the best parts of the CVs of your Key women and men, they must be very special people.

    With every good wish for future overall successes, especially now that we are locked down ( or is it ‘ up ‘ ) for a further month, and that might become a so-called minimum . . . . . .

    Yours aye

    Tim Sanders OBE

  • Have looked everywhere to try and find the survey for the first inventing box which I thought was excellent. Expected to find it on this site. could you please let me know how I can get it.I understand that I should have also received an E Mail regarding the survey could you please send this to me again as if I did receive it it has disapeared

    • I’m glad you liked the box Daphne. To me, it harks back to the roots of what Hotel Chocolat’s Tasting Club used to be like a long time ago, which I like. As for the survey, if you contact Hotel Chocolat directly, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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