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My Ultimate Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Review – Should You Buy It?

Disclosure: A special thanks goes to the wonderful team at Hotel Chocolat in Bridgend who arranged a personal demonstration of the Velvetiser for me (complete with a tasting) in the shop. I paid to travel to the store. My opinions are my own. This article may contain affiliate links (identified by a ° symbol). These financially support this website - and our chocolate research - at no extra cost to you. Find out more.

I have a new love in my life. It's a sleek copper kettle with gentle curves designed solely to create "Barista-grade hot chocolate" at home. It tries to tempt me to ditch my old flame of a saucepan and whisk no less.

Hotel Chocolat believes I should join the 21st Century and enjoy a hot chocolate made with minimum effort on my part. To that end, boffins at Hotel Chocolat and Velvetiser manufacturer, Duallit, figured out what made the perfect cup of hot chocolate, and developed the Velvetiser.

It's certainly a looker, but is this a kitchen gadget that'll sooner or later gather dust at the back of your cupboard or is this piece of tech something you'll use as much as your kettle or coffee maker? I headed to a Hotel Chocolat store to found out.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser in Copper
The copper Velvetiser is certainly a pretty kitchen gadget

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Specifications

Here's the facts and figures in a nut shell:

  • Velvetiser is available in three colours - shiny copper (my favourite), matt charcoal grey, or gloss white.
  • It measures 23cm x 22½cm x 12cm, so is not too dissimilar in size to an upright kettle.
  • The device has a 220ml beverage capacity, which is enough to make one cup of hot chocolate in around 2½ minutes.
  • It is compatible with plant-based or regular milk, and even just water. So if your thing is skimmed, semi-skimmed or full-fat moo juice, or you prefer almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk, soy milk, or just simple filtered water, you can use them all in Velvetiser.
  • Velvetiser is mains-powered (it sits on a mains-powered base much like most electric kettles nowadays) and has a 13A UK plug. It is 420–500W and 220–240V, 50Hz. It also comes with 1 year full parts and labour guarantee through Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Instructions

Let's start with how to use Hotel Chocolat's Velvetiser. Making café-grade hot chocolate at home is a doddle:

  1. Pop the paddle into the machine first, then fill with milk to the line marked inside, then pour in the chocolate shavings.
  2. Click the plastic lid on top and press the button. Wait for around 2½ minutes and the machine will automatically stop.
  3. Lift off the electric base and pour into your favourite cup and voila, barista-style hot chocolate in a flash.
Adding ingredients to the Velvetiser
Fill with milk to the line, and add the flaked chocolate

Prefer a smaller portion? Half both the liquid and chocolate flakes for a smaller drink.

Velvetiser is a fussy little devil and works best when the instructions are followed to the letter. You might fancy yourself as a maverick adding the chocolate first, but doing so will risk ruining your hot chocolate (and potentially the machine too). Don't do it kids.

Hotel Chocolat's David Demaison also imparts some handy tips in his YouTube demonstration video:

Bonus tips:

  • Pre-warm the cups if you can. This helps the hot chocolate stay warmer for longer. Insulated cups like this double-walled glass cup from Kanuka potentially might help too.
  • Rinse out the Velvetiser between cups. Not only does this ensure a uniform taste amongst all cups made in the same batch, it also lowers the temperature of the Velvetiser to avoid triggering the thermal cut-out switch inside.
  • Wash the Velvetiser soon after with a soft cloth and some washing up liquid. Rinse and dry the Velvetiser with a soft cloth to avoid damaging the non-stick finish. Beware not to get the base of the Velvetiser wet as this can damage the gadget - electricity and water do not mix. Don't forget to wash both the plastic lid and whisk too.

My Velvetiser Review

Customer reviews on the Hotel Chocolat website are overwhelmingly positive, with nearly 97% rating the machine four or five stars out of five. So it was about time I checked out this latest kitchen gadget.

I trekked over to the new outlet store in Bridgend for a personal Velvetiser demonstration. I arrived pondering whether many people easily part with £100 for a hot chocolate maker kit and left begrudging the fact that I had to leave such beautiful piece of art behind.

Velvetiser in action
The Velvetiser in action, mixing and heating the ingredients

What did I love?

  • It looks gorgeous. This latest kitchen gadget is a beauty and will steal the limelight from both your kettle and coffee maker. I'm in love with the copper design most of all, but if that doesn't suit your kitchen, Hotel Chocolat offer the device in a trendy and sleek matt charcoal grey or a hip gloss white. There's bound to be a colour that matches your kitchen décor.
  • It's a doddle to use. I'm pretty sure my five-year old could easily make his own hot chocolate in this machine with minimal instruction. Insert the paddle (which is magnetically held in place to stop it falling out when pouring), fill with milk to the line, add the flakes, pop the lid on and press the go button. When it comes to serving, both left- and right-handed folks can rejoice as it can be poured either way. In the same way that all Apple gadgets are intuitive and easy to use, so is the Velvetiser.
  • It's fast. My saucepan takes what feels like an eternity to gently heat the milk ready to add in my chocolate flakes, pebbles, or buttons. At just 2½ minutes, Velvetiser makes hot chocolate in the blink of an eye. I reckon I could make a hot chocolate, drink it, and clean the gadget ready for next time in the same space of time I would otherwise spend attempting not to burn milk to the bottom of my saucepan.
  • It's very quiet. It kept near-on silent throughout the entire 2½ minutes, unlike my particularly noisy kettle and coffee maker. There was background noise during the demonstration, as you would expect in a busy shop, so I imagine it hums away at home, but quietly.
  • It makes a scientifically precise hot chocolate. The Velvetiser serves hot chocolate at the optimum temperature for flavour, which is between 68°C and 70°C. Note that this is the optimum temperature for flavour and not for personal preference. I prefer mine to be much hotter - as do several like-minded individuals reviewing their purchases on the Hotel Chocolat website - but I can appreciate how that risks singeing the chocolate and tainting the flavours within.
  • It can help make chocolate-based drinks. This gadget does one thing and one thing only - make hot chocolate. It's not really suited to anything else. But that hot chocolate base can be adapted. For instance, you could add a shot of espresso coffee to your cup of freshly prepared hot chocolate to make a caffè mocha. And when Summer comes knocking, Hotel Chocolat suggests making a hot chocolate with half the liquid but a full serving of chocolate flakes. Then, pour the hot chocolate over half a dozen ice cubes in a glass and add in the remaining cold liquid. Hey presto, iced hot chocolate (or should that be 'posh chocolate milkshake'?). Combine this with a shot of espresso coffee and you've got yourself an iced mocha. Tasty!
  • It makes a great cup of hot chocolate. My host made a cup of 70% Classic Hot Chocolate which had a rich and robust flavour. It was smooth in taste with a playful bitterness, particularly toward the back of my throat. There was a slight dryness to the aftertaste along with that gentle bitter edge.  I especially loved the luxuriously foamy texture of the milk - something I cannot recreate with a saucepan, no matter how vigorously I whisk (believe me, I've tried).
The Velvetiser after making a hot chocolate
My hot chocolate is ready!

What do I hope to see in the next incarnation?

I'd like to see a handful of minor tweaks should a Second Edition be in the works. I realise there may be some technical hurdles to overcome to see these become a reality, but this is my wish list and I dare to dream big!

  • Add a beep. Get distracted by your child or your phone and you'll not realise the Velvetiser has finished its work. A simple beep or other audible indication that it has finished would be a great addition. I was too busy taking photographs I didn't notice the machine had stopped, signified only by the LED light turning off and the paddle stopping spinning.
  • Make Velvetiser dishwasher-safe. Cleaning the device isn't as easy as dunking it in the sink or popping it in dishwasher (don't do this - I read a review where somebody did exactly this and killed their Velvetiser instantly). I wish clean-up could be just as effortless as making the hot chocolate.
  • Allow a variable temperature. I like my hot chocolate just a touch hotter. I'd like to see a means to do this without running the device several times, either by offering a setting to adjust the time it takes to make a drink, or to adjust the heating temperature itself.
  • Make two cups at a time. The biggest drawback with version one is I can only make one cup at a time. It's a niggle that several others have pointed out too. In the Second Edition, I'd love to see a greater capacity, although I would hate to see this detrimentally affect the exquisite product design.
Pouring hot chocolate from the Velvetiser
Pouring hot chocolate from the Velvetiser

Should I buy a Velvetiser?

At just shy of £100 for the gadget, it initially felt a bit on the pricey side for a gadget that only makes one type of drink. But you'd spend £100 on a designer kettle. Many coffee makers come with price tags above £100. Therefore £100 on the latest kitchen gadget setup to create posh hot chocolate at home has to be a no-brainer, right?

Having seen the machine in action first-hand, I can better justify the cost. But I think the ultimate decision on whether you should buy a Velvetiser comes down to three questions:

  1. Do you have enough space on your worktop (and an available plug socket) for another kettle-sized object?
  2. Would you drink hot chocolate with the same frequency as you would a cup of tea or a coffee?
  3. Are the ongoing costs affordable?


If you have ample worktop space, this hot chocolate maker would live happily next to your kettle and coffee maker. In fact, it would steal the limelight big time.

It would be such a shame to banish this pretty looking gadget to the kitchen cupboard of doom.


Right now, I consider hot chocolate to be an indulgent treat, but the Velvetiser makes me question whether I should consider adding a cup of hot chocolate to my healthy balanced diet?

For this, Hotel Chocolat's calorie chart comes in handy.

Typical calories per Velvetiser serving
Typical calories per Velvetiser serving (Image credit to Hotel Chocolat)

Each to their own, but I'd probably enjoy a cup of hot chocolate using the Velvetiser far more frequently than I currently consume the beverage.

If you wished you could enjoy hot chocolate more often without the fuss of lugging out the saucepan each time, the Velvetiser is a very sensible choice. Velvetiser makes it easy to enjoy an effortless hot chocolate for breakfast, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or as an evening wind-down drink.

Ongoing costs

The price of chocolate for the Velvetiser sits around the £1.30 per portion mark, in the same ball park as other "posh" hot chocolates to make at home.

Officially, you'll need to use Hotel Chocolat's own-brand hot chocolate products in the Velvetiser. My understanding is that any good quality flaked chocolate should produce good results, although I couldn't really test this in a branch of Hotel Chocolat, could I?

Hotel Chocolat warns against using large pieces of chocolate as they risk causing hot spots, potentially damaging your new toy. So I'd definitely veer away from chocolate buttons, pebbles, cubes, and blocks, but I'd personally like to play around with other brands of flaked chocolate to see how they fare.

If in doubt, stick with Hotel Chocolat's own-brand hot chocolate products.


If, like me, you find making hot chocolate with a saucepan tedious and laborious, the Velvetiser makes the whole experience so much more effortless.

I'd love to adopt one - did you know I am a fan of the copper design? -but I'm not sure I have the worktop space to house such a gadget. And it would be criminal relegating this beauty to the kitchen gadget cupboard of doom.

A cup of Velvetiser hot chocolate
A cup of rich, foamy hot chocolate

If I had a slightly bigger kitchen with some worktop space to spare, I'd give a Velvetiser a home in a heartbeat. Sure, I'd wrangle with the cost, and its slight drawbacks, but I can see myself enjoying a proper cup of hot chocolate daily, and it is one of very few gadgets in this world that is an absolute pleasure to gaze at all day long.

Is it a perfect creation? Not quite yet, but it's very close. It's an excellent first attempt by Hotel Chocolat. It does one job and one job truly well. If its intention is to encourage more people to consume high quality hot chocolate as they would tea or coffee, then it has succeeded as I am told these are selling like crazy.

Where to buy the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

The Velvetiser is a Hotel Chocolat product available to buy directly online or in store. Buy it online for delivery to your door, or reserve and collect it instore. At the time of writing, all models (copper, charcoal, and white) were priced at £99.95 for the machine. In the main box you get the Velvetiser and two ceramic cups (worth £20). There's also the option to add on a 20 sachet starter pack from £20.

It's also available on Amazon, so if you have a Prime account°, you could be sipping on a delicious hot chocolate in just a day or two (subject to availability). At the time of writing, the copper and charcoal machines were £110 and came with the Velvetiser gadget, two ceramic cups, and 10 sachets of hot chocolate.

Buy the Velvetiser from Amazon

Shop Now°

Amazon also stocks a range of hot chocolate sachets and drums here°.

John Lewis & Partners stocks the Velvetiser in charcoal and copper for home delivery. At the time of writing, it too was priced at £110. The department store also stocks drums of hot chocolate.

The Velvetiser was once also available at QVC but isn't now (although the sales video is still there).

It's not available outside of the UK yet. I believe an international version for the American and European markets is in the works.

Found on eBay

Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Refills

Velvetiser is compatible with all Hotel Chocolat's hot chocolate products.

The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser sachets are pre-portioned servings of chocolate shavings of either 30 grams or 35 grams, depending on the type. A box of 10 retails for £13, so £1.30 a helping. You can order them direct from Hotel Chocolat or head on over on Amazon, where you'll find 20 sachet boxes here°. Choose a Selection Box with 20 assorted flavour sachets or choose boxes full of either 70% Classic Hot Chocolate, 85% Dark, 50% Milky Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, or Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Hot Chocolate drums
A selection of Hot Chocolate drums

My criticism of the sachets is that you'll need to deal with a lot of packaging using them. They arrive packaged in a cardboard box that can be recycled, but I'm unsure of the recyclability of the sachets. That's why I think the larger pots of hot chocolate shards are a better option. Sure, you lose the convenience of pre-portioned servings but you can feel better about the environment. Cost-wise, it works out at around £1.30 per cup, depending on the serving size.

Again, you can order them direct from Hotel Chocolat or nip on over to Amazon where the Classic hot chocolate drum (here°) and the Milky Hot Chocolate drum (here°) are both priced at just under a tenner. Make sure you keep an eye out for the seasonal hot chocolate flavours, especially at Christmas.

Vegans take note: The Chilli Hot Chocolate, 45% Nutmilk Hot Chocolate, Classic 70% Dark Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline Hot Chocolate, Dark Mint Hot Chocolate, Ginger Hot Chocolate, and 85% Dark Hot Chocolate are all suitable for vegans when made using water or plant-based milk. Hooray!

You can buy the Velvetiser from Amazon

Shop Now°

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Review

RRP: £99.95 | Hotel Chocolat | Shop now

A stunning piece of kitchen artistry - especially in copper - that makes a delicious velvety hot chocolate in two minutes. A lovely gift or indulgent purchase, this kitchen gadget will improve your hot chocolate experience at home.

Value For Money
Score: 4.5

This article was originally written in early 2019 and was last updated to reflect pricing and packaging changes implemented by Hotel Chocolat.

Do you own a Velvetiser? What colour did you choose, and what's your favourite thing about your machine? Let me know in the comments below.


  • You can heat the chcolate a little more by pressing the button when it’s finished its first cycle. It only gives you about another half-minute, but it does make a difference.

  • Surely you should not be recommending this product you point out in your own review that this hot chocolate maker fails quite spectacularly in it’s one purpose, making a HOT drink.

    • It makes a scientifically warm hot chocolate (to an optimum temperature so as not to burn the chocolate). It looks fabulous too. It’s a good bit of kit, but not completely perfect, as I explain above. But I’d still have one in my kitchen, especially in copper.

      To make a ‘hot’ hot chocolate, you could either pre-warm the milk, or try the hot chocolate shaker (as you then control the temperature of the milk).

  • Hi David,

    I received the velvetiser and Wow!
    Best hot chocolate ever. The texture is so silky, the family is hooked. We have been indulging every night with the Caillebaut hot chocolate.
    Thanks again for your assistance.

  • Thanks! Just ordered one. Will get the shaker later.

    Any nice flakes recommendation (not sure I use th HC ones)? I am thinking on trying Charbonnel and Caillebaut flakes. Thanks again for all you help, kids are happy they can have a new gadget to pay with!

    • Good decision. If I were in your shoes, that’s what I would have done.

      As for hot chocolate flakes, I’d suggest working through the Hotel Chocolat range first. They do a handy multipack set that’s a good starting point. Chocolate is subjective, and there’s plenty of highly-rated options over at Amazon here°. Personally, I like something in the 50% to 70% cocoa solids mark, blended with semi-skimmed milk. Higher percentages tend to require additional sugars to combat the increased bitterness. I’m a big fan of single origin chocolates too, as I think they’re more nuanced.

      That said, my Shaker has let me unleash my creative side with herbs and spices, and couverture is my product of choice here (as it often works out cheaper). I normally have a couple of bags on the go in the kitchen so I just dip into whatever is available at the time.

  • Thanks David for you answer, that’s very kind. would you say that you get the same
    Result from the shaker? I like the fact you can put anything in it and are not limited to flakes and powder. Might have to get both lol! I have space on countertop but not keen on too much clutter!

    • At £30 for the Velvetiser, I’d have them both in my life. You’ll have to tell me how you’ve got the price down that far!

      I opted for the Shaker as I felt I’d benefit from the versatility more, and my counter-top space is very limited. I’ve used mine so much and it continues to deliver consistently great results. However, the Velvetiser certainly looks the business and delivers comparable results, albeit using powders or flakes. Both are a doddle to use, with the Velvetiser possibly being slightly more convenient to use (fill to the line and press a button). It also heats the milk for you, rather than relying on another gadget to do that.

      But the Shaker can handle things like Maltesters, Creme Eggs, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and other chocolate bars, making hot chocolates that taste like the real deal – because they’re made from them! Why settle for a Maltesters-flavoured hot chocolate when you can make one WITH actual Maltesters?

  • Great Review! I am hesitating between this and the Hot Chocolate Shaker. I want something that comes close to Parisian hot chocolate, thick and silky I guess!
    Cost is not an issue as I have and E-voucher at Hotel Chcolat and with the promo code I can get it for £30. I am just worried it is another gimmick and not as versatile as the shaker.
    I won’t be drinking everyday, but migh teach the kids how to use it.

    Thanks for your honnest answer.

    • Honestly, Alexandra, if I had a promo code that bought the Velvetiser down to £30, I’d get that to sit alongside my Shaker in a heartbeat. Both do a good job but are distinct. The Velvetiser is much more glamorous and you’ll want to display it proudly on your worktop, for when friends and family come round. It’s great with chocolate flakes and powders and is a doddle to use. It whips up a lovely frothy hot chocolate.

      The Shaker prioritises function over form, and I love it as it’s so versatile. It takes chocolate bars, chunks, pieces, flakes, powders, and even some candy bars. The results are equally as frothy and you can adjust the chocolate-to-milk ratio to suit your needs.

      To make an exquisite Parisian-style hot chocolate with cream and milk, I found the hob to be best. Vigorously shaking cream is a great way to make butter, but not so much an indulgent hot chocolate. The downside with the hob is that you get chocolate bits floating in your drink. I suppose the ideal scenario would be to make a double-strength hot chocolate in the shaker with milk and chocolate, then add this emulsion to warm cream in a pan and stir through.

  • Perfect gift for my Chocoholic husband… Such a nice little machine that makes a great cup of HC and looks beautiful on my counter… I purchased the grey and it is sort of a purple/grey and matches my cabinets nicely… Thank you Hotel Chocolat !

    • Thanks Michael. I looked at a variety of hot chocolate kitchen gadgets a while back but little came close to the Velvetiser. The speediest option I’ve found for two cups is the Chocolate Society’s Chocolate Shaker. I heat up two cups of milk in the microwave and then make one hot chocolate straight after the other. It takes around 10 seconds of shaking, so can make two cups within a minute or so – excluding the six minutes heating the mugs of milk up first. In the Velvetiser, it would take a couple of minutes for each cup, so in a speed test, it’s probably fairly close. The Velvetiser wins on looks though – especially in copper.

  • I bought the grey velvetizer. Lovely colour. It makes wonderful hot chocolate When the mugs are heated with boiling water the hot chocolate is very hot. It is really perfect. The velvetizer is very easy to use and clean. I have a built in coffee machine which makes hot chocolate but
    The velvetizer makes it nicer and is easier to clean. This is a really good buy. It might be good to be able to make 2 cups at once but it doesn’t take long anyway. Otherwise it is perfect.

    • I didn’t find it to be as hot as I prefer to drink my hot chocolate but was told that was through design so as not to burn/singe the chocolate. Popping it in the microwave for a few seconds afterwards should help to warm it up slightly without tainting the flavour.

  • I’ve recently bought the copper velvetiser after ooohing and ahhhing over it for months… and to be honest I’ve not regretted it one but despite having very limited kitchen countertop space. There’s a tip in the instruction booklet regarding how to clean it very easily after each use that you might have missed.
    After pouring out your hot chocolate, simply pour in cold tap water to the max level and add 2 drops of washing up liquid, put the lid back on, pop onto the base and press the button. As you sit down to enjoy your drink, the very clever Velvetiser then proceeds to ‘velvetise’ up some foamy soapy water that totally cleans out the interior and whisk. It then only needs a couple of cold water rinses when you wash your cup before drying off with a soft cloth and its ready for the next time. I love it! Some nights I add a dash of Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate cream liqueur to it if I fancy a slightly more grown up version :) one of my favourite kitchen appliances for sure!

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