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In our interviews with the leading chocolatiers in the UK, we try to understand what motivates them to create the best chocolate around. Please enjoy our interviews with chocolatiers and others in the chocolate industry below.

Mast Brothers: The Craft of Chocolate

February 11 2015

The arrival in London of the Mast Brothers, Brooklyn’s acclaimed bean-to-bar pioneers, is something to be celebrated. London’s chocolate scene is thriving and the fact that these noted American chocolate makers have chosen to open their second chocolate factory in London, rather than say Paris or Brussels, is confirmation of its vitality. Rick and Michael Mast, the eponymous brothers who founded the company in 2007, bring a particular, gloriously obsessive […]

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The Chocolate of Montecristi: A taste of Ecuador

January 14 2015

Historically, cacao – which grows  in the world’s tropical regions – has been transformed into chocolate outside its country of origin, often in Europe or North America. Excitingly, the world of chocolate is seeing a new movement manifest itself, with countries of origin transforming their own cacao into chocolate.  Companies such as the Grenada Chocolate Company (founded on the island of Grenada by the visionary Mott Green working with local […]

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The Mighty Bûches

November 28 2014

Valrhona, the French chocolate company, is highly regarded within the world of pastry chefs both for their high-quality chocolate and, importantly,  for the practical support and training the company offers to patissiers working with their chocolate.  This Christmas, Valrhona has teamed up with twelve leading UK pastry chefs at establishments including hotels, restaurants and patisseries in a project showcasing both their considerable pastry skills and the scope offered by chocolate. […]

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A Chocolate Education

October 14 2014

Martin Christy  is a man with a mission. In fact, several missions. All to do with chocolate and enhancing our knowledge of chocolate. An influential and well-respected figure in the world of chocolate, Martin Christy’s personal fascination with chocolate saw him setting up an early chocolate website – the widely-read seventypercent – and co-founding the International Chocolate Awards. Among his several chocolate-related projects, is the recent setting up of the […]

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Chantal Coady awarded an OBE

July 31 2014

The announcement in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in June 2014 that ‘Ms Chantal Jane Coady, Chocolatier’  was to be awarded an OBE ‘For services to Chocolate Making’ marks a significant moment in the British chocolate scene. It is, as James Booth, Chantal’s husband and MD of Rococo Chocolates, the chocolate company Chantal founded in 1983, observes “a coming of age”.  Those who’ve watched the rise of Britain’s quality chocolate […]

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Meet The Chocolate Bluffer

June 18 2014

The much-loved Bluffer’s Guides have provided amusement as well as (whisper it) genuinely useful information to subjects from sport to politics for decades. It is a series which taps very successfully into the inherently British irreverent attitude towards experts, with the publishers keeping a shrewd eye on trends to add to their expansive list. For chocolate-lovers, therefore, the publication of the first ever Bluffer’s Guide to Chocolate by Neil Davey […]

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