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Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar Review

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Orange chocolates have been an unstoppable trend in 2020. I remember a time not so long ago when chocolate and orange was frowned upon, yet now the nation can't get enough of it. There's now even a hotel room that pays homage to the humble Chocolate Orange.

From orange cremes to Terry's quintessential Christmas staple, there's many different varieties of chocolate and orange on the market. A friend kindly gave me a Lindt Excellence Orange Intense and I couldn't help but review it here.


As you might expect from Lindt, the packaging is quite sleek. The "Lindt Excellence" text glistens in golden foiled print, while the graphic of an orange twist means you instantly know what this 47% dark chocolate bar is all about.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar Review
The sleek cardboard carton

Look closely and you'll notice this bar also contains almonds. The text is almost apologetic in size, and there's no clear hint of this nutty addition in the graphic. It was only when I read through the ingredients that I realised they were in there.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar Packaging Closeup
The vivid orange twist on the packaging.

The rear of the cardboard box is awash with text, although it largely consists of the ingredients list and nutritional information printed in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense dark chocolate ingredients:
Sugar, cocoa mass, almonds (7%), orange juice from concentrate (3.9%), cocoa butter, anhydrous milk fat, invert sugar, lemon juice from concentrate, emulsifier (soya lecithin), pineapple, gelling agent (pectin), natural orange flavouring, flavouring. Cocoa solids: 47% minimum.

Sugars make up around 48% of this French-made bar. There's a warning printed explaining that the chocolate may contain traces of sesame seeds and other nuts.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar Review

Prise open the glued cardboard box and you'll find a silver foiled chocolate bar safely tucked inside. The Lindt-logoed foil is heat sealed onto the bar, so it's near on impossible to tear this open and reuse the same wrapper to tuck the remainder of the bar away for later on.

The bar is formed in a bespoke mould which creates 10 large segments of chocolate, each imprinted with the Lindt logo.

The fragrance of this bar is unmistakably sweet, punctuated with orange aromas and the faintest glimmer of nuttiness. The snap is only muddled by the generous quantities of almond slivers inside the mix.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar

The orange flavour is clear from the start too, and dominates the flavour from beginning to end. Just below the orange notes sits general cocoa notes. There's a curious, almost lemony twang that comes through in the flavour, which isn't too surprising given the recipe includes both lemon juice and pineapple to achieve its flavour profile.

The generous slivers of almond don't really add much in the way of flavour, although they help to soften the edges of the bar while adding a crunchy texture.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar Pieces
A stack of segments

This orange dark chocolate bar exhibits a sweet aftertaste which is punctuated by the orange flavour. It too is spiked by a curious citrus tang that sits alongside as a separate entity.

This dark chocolate bar is definitely one for munching on movie night, or for sharing with the kids. It's sweet without any bitterness, although it has an unusual citrus strand running through the flavour, as if to enhance the orange characteristics in this bar.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar Review

RRP: £1.50 | Lindt | Shop now°

A sweet dark chocolate bar with a clear orange flavour from start to finish. The almonds seem superfluous, and there's a curious citrus twang that sits to the side of the flavour throughout, but otherwise, it's an easy-to-eat orange chocolate bar.

Score: 4

Where to Buy Online

The Lindt Excellence Orange Intense Chocolate Bar is available on Amazon here°. It can also be found in most supermarkets at the price point of around £1.50 to £2, as well as on Lindt's website here°.

Found on eBay

Is chocolate and orange a heavenly combination? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.

Disclosure: A friend gave me a 100g bar of Lindt Excellence Orange Intense and I decided to share my thoughts on it here. My opinions are my own.

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