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Nestlé Launches White Chocolate Munchies

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Nestlé launches a new white chocolate version of its popular range of Munchies confectionery this month.

The original Munchies treat dates back to 1957, and has recently seen new varieties launch, including Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Munchies Cookie Dough. Over the years, the popular cube-based chocolate has been produced in a variety of flavours, including chocolate orange, hazelnut, banoffee, and mint.

Nestlé Limited Edition White Chocolate Munchies
Munchies Limited Edition White Chocolate. Photo credit to Nestlé

This new variety - Munchies White Chocolate - sees the traditional milk chocolate replaced with white chocolate. White chocolate versions of classics are all the range right now, and you only need to look at social media or the mainstream media to spot the enthusiastic cries of "game changer" and "yum". According to Delish, this announcement makes "All Our Dreams Come True."

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Indeed, Munchies Brand Manager Cat Mews confirmed the move is in response to current consumer trends.

"Munchies has been a popular brand for over 60 years, but we know that consumers love an on-trend twist to a classic too. “Fans couldn’t wait to try Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Munchies Cookie Dough when they launched last year, and we are sure that White Chocolate Munchies will prove just as popular an addition to the range."

Cat Mews, Munchies Brand Manager

I'm not convinced this limited edition version of Munchies is a "game changer". Nestlé's white chocolate is notoriously sweet, and when combined with the sweet caramel and sweet biscuit, this might be a bit too much sugar to handle.

As an interesting side note, Nestlé reckons it first invented white chocolate in 1936, as the result of a project involving vitamin-enriched condensed milk. Workers added cocoa butter to make a solid product, and hey presto, white chocolate was born.

Munchies are made at Nestlé’s Fawdon factory, near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This is the same factory that churns out other familiar brands, including Fruit PastillesFruit Gums, BreakawayCaramacMatchmakers, RoloToffee Crisp and Smarties Buttons. Now you know!

Nestlé White Chocolate Munchies ingredients
Sugar, glucose syrup, milk powders (whole and skimmed), cocoa butter, vegetable fats (palm, mango kernel, sal, shea, rapeseed), invert sugar syrup, sweetened condensed skimmed milk (skimmed milk, sugar), butterfat (from milk), lactose and proteins from whey (from milk), whey powder (from milk), wheat flour (contains calcium, iron, thiamin and niacin), cocoa mass, barley malt extract, emulsifier (lecithins), raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate), salt, natural flavouring

I can't see anything on the packaging to say they are suitable for vegetarians.

White chocolate Munchies will be available exclusively in ASDA from Thursday 13th August 2020 for a limited time. They'll be available in 94g "sharer" bags, according to Entertainment Daily. The 104g Munchies Chocolate Sharing Bag is currently available at ASDA for £1, as is the 104g Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pouch and the 101g Munchies Cookie Dough Chocolate Pouch. I suspect the Limited Edition White Chocolate Munchies Share Bag will be on sale for £1 or £1.50 when it launches next week.

Will you be rushing to ASDA to grab a bag of these new limited-edition white chocolate Munchies? Let me know in the comments below.


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