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Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment Review

Disclosure: Niederegger kindly sent me a 100g box of Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment free of charge for the purposes of a review. Niederegger had no influence over the content on this page. My opinions are my own. This article may contain affiliate links (identified by a ° symbol). These financially support this website - and our chocolate research - at no extra cost to you. Find out more.

Aside from the beautiful gift boxes of marzipan loaves, the Marzipanerie range by Niederegger are perhaps their next most distinguishable product. A mix of marzipan hearts and loaves, the Marzipanerie collection comes in a range of sizes to suit all budgets.

They're ideal as versatile gifts for all sorts of occasions, including birthdays and Christmas. They're also ideal to express gratitude or sorrow.

I was kindly sent a bundle of Niederegger treats via Hertfordshire-based Chocolates Direct that included the 100g box from the range to test.


If you're familiar with Niederegger's products, you'll be familiar with the simple-yet-sophisticated packaging of its marzipan products. The Marzipanerie collection is no different. White and red packaging dominates, with liberal splashes of gold-foiled decoration to enhance the overall allure of the packaging.

Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment Review
Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment

A large plastic window showcases the products within, including four red foiled chocolate-covered marzipan hearts and four mini loaves in original, orange, pineapple and espresso flavour.

The Niederegger logo sits proudly at the top, with the product name on a band over the window, flanked by gold-foiled Hanseatic imagery.

Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment Packaging Closeup
Marzipan hearts and mini loaves

On the rear sits the ingredients list and nutritional information printed in English, German, French and Spanish.

Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment ingredients:
Almonds (40%), bittersweet chocolate (27%) (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vanilla extract), sugar, invert sugar syrup, alcohol, pineapple, orange zest, glucose-fructose syrup, soluble coffee, orange fruit powder (maltodextrine, oranges, natural flavouring), pineapple fruit powder (pineapple, maltodextrine), natural pineapple flavour, acidifier (citric acid), natural flavouring. Cocoa solids: 50% minimum.

On average, the chocolate-covered marzipan items contain an average of 37.4% sugars. They may contain traces of other tree nuts, besides the almonds used to produce the marzipan.

Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment Review

This small 100g box contains as much product as you'd find in a standard chocolate bar, yet it feels considerably more, thanks to its presentation. You wouldn't be disappointed if you received this as a gift, as it looks the business and contains a good introductory selection of Niederegger's marzipan chocolates.

Niederegger Marzipanerie Hearts and Loaves
Niederegger Marzipanerie Hearts and Loaves

The box contains four dark chocolate covered marzipan hearts, as well as four dark chocolate-covered mini marzipan loaves, in original, pineapple, coffee, and orange varieties.

The hearts and original marzipan loaf broadly share the same recipe (albeit with different proportions of chocolate to marzipan). If you are fond of Niederegger's Classic Marzipan bar, you'll adore these five familiar items.

Niederegger Marzipanerie Hearts
Marzipan heart

At the heart of the hearts is Niederegger's famous marzipan. Nutty with the right amount of sweetness and just a dab of alcohol, it's a delicious time-tested combination that has helped the Lübeck brand become the global success it is today. The dark chocolate shell adds depth and richness to the overall flavour, with a mildly bitter cocoa edge that works in harmony against the sweet almond paste centre.

The original marzipan loaf mirrors the flavour of the hearts, with the exception that the chocolate qualities come through a little clearer, perhaps due to different ratios. The flavoured loaves share similar DNA, with the addition of natural flavours. Unlike other flavoured marzipans I've tasted where the flavour is barely detectable, these flavours are clear, punchy and sit above the flavours of the almond marzipan and dark chocolate.

I prefer the tropical vibes of the pineapple loaf over the citrus notes from the orange loaf, although both are equally delicious and I'd happily polish off a larger box with both of these flavours inside. Both are fresh and clear without being overly forceful. There are also flecks of fruit or zest in the mix which adds a chewy textural contrast against the soft and pliable almond marzipan. The fruitiness dances with the sweet almonds in harmony, and holds its own against the dark chocolate shell.

Personally, the espresso marzipan is my favourite of the flavoured trio, with a delicious roasted coffee bean flavour that piggybacks on the rich aspect of the chocolate. The almond marzipan adds the right amount of sweetness to balance the flavours, rounding it all off nicely, leaving a satisfying coffee aftertaste.

Overall, this is a lovely marzipan selection box that's ideal for giving as a small token of appreciation, or as a Christmas gift or thoughtful Mother's Day or Father's Day present. It's small and affordable - and serves as a great introduction to the myriad of Niederegger's flavoured mini loaves - yet it looks the part when given as a gift. It can, of course, be purchased as a cheeky treat for yourself, and at this price, you'd be mad not to buy two (one for them and one for you).

Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment Review

RRP: £6.99 | Niederegger | Shop now°

The perfect introduction to Niederegger's famous marzipan. The original variety dominates in this box, and rightly so, with four chocolate-covered marzipan hearts and a classic mini loaf. There's also a trio of bold flavoured marzipan mini loaves that serve as a teaser to Niederegger's flavoured marzipan range. This beautiful gift box is perfect for giving to someone special (who adores marzipan, that is) or for treating yourself.

Score: 5

Where to Buy Online

The Niederegger Marzipanerie Marzipan Assortment is available in several sizes, including boxes of 100g, 270g and 400g. Stockists include Chocolates Direct, Amazon°, Buy Flowers Direct, and Selfridges.

The flavoured loaves are available in large gift sets too.

Original marzipan or flavoured marzipan - what's your vice? Let me know in a comment below.

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