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Twix Winter Spice Review

Twix Winter Spice Review

I blame Instagram's influencers as to why I spent weeks hunting down the Twix Winter Spice bars. At least I found them, unlike the McVitie's Digestives Christmas Pudding Milk Chocolate Biscuits, which still remain elusive (on that note, I finally...

Marathon Snickers bars

Marathon Bars Are Back (For Autumn)

My parents are adamant that Snickers bars were better when they were called 'Marathon' bars. I don't think they're alone, with many people of a certain age preferring the Marathon branding. While Marathon bars were around during my childhood, I...

Chocolate books

Chocolate Books on Amazon°

My growing chocolate book library is a testament to the addictive nature of recipe books. My collection of chocolate books spans the history of chocolate, recipes, tales of chocolate makers, and even the science behind chocolate. Amazon has a huge range of chocolate books, ideal as gifts or for research, usually available in print or Kindle formats.

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