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Pump Street Seeks Five New Paid Trainees – Could It Be You?

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If you love chocolate (and bakery products) and are looking for an exciting new opportunity in your life, Suffolk's award-winning Pump Street may well have you covered.

They've opened up a Trainee Programme and seek FIVE paid interns to learn artisanal skills on the job, helping to grow the business at the same time as producing a flawless range of luxury products.

Pump Street Bakery is a small family-owned establishment in the tiny picturesque village of Orford in Suffolk. Since 2010, it has specialised in craft bread and handmade pastries from carefully-sourced ingredients. Their sourdough bread is almost as legendary as their scratch-made Panettone.

Pump Street Christmas Bakery Chocolate Bar Reviews
Pump Street Chocolate bars

Pump Street Chocolate focusses on bean-to-bar chocolate, directly sourcing fine cocoa beans from single estates and cooperatives, teasing out exquisite, rich flavours in a series of premium chocolate bars. Hand sorting, roasting, winnowing, grinding and conching the beans is all done in-house. When the two world collide, such as in Pump Street's Hot Cross Bun 58% Dark Chocolate bar, something truly magical happens.

Now, thanks to the Pump Street Trainee Programme, you have an opportunity to learn how to create culinary magic by joining the team.

Pump Street values specialist knowledge and so the programme revolves around learning alchemy skills on the job. They are looking for five new recruits that have a passion and interest in great food but who lack the experience of working in professional kitchens. The opportunity is ideal for those at the start of their culinary career or who are looking to make a career shift in a drastically different world post-Covid-19.

Five lucky recruits will net themselves a fully paid place on the intensive 12-month programme. In that time, each one will gain experience in the fields of Chocolate Production, Chocolate Packaging, Bread, Pastry, and Retail. They'll also have the opportunity to see the bigger picture by spending time in other areas of the business such as in Marketing and Sales.

By the end of it, candidates should have a wealth of knowledge in baking techniques and the chocolate making process, along with detailed knowledge of the supply chain thanks to a unique insight.

At the end of the programme, trainees will receive a certificate. There may be an opportunity for graduates to stay on at Pump Street. If graduates decide to work elsewhere, the year's training will help enormously in future job applications, demonstrating drive, determination, and essential experience.

What qualities is Pump Street looking for in applicants? Experience is not necessary but passion and enthusiasm for great-tasting, scratch-made bread, pastry and chocolate is a must. Applicants must have a high level of motivation with plenty of enthusiasm to boot. The programme is intensive so they're keen to find applicants that will put the work in to get the most back out.

Detail-orientated candidates who can work individually and as part of a team will stand a better chance of being successful in their application, along with good communicators. Above all, they are looking for candidates that have a strong sense of honesty and integrity to align with Pump Street's culture, values and ideals.

The first intake commences on Wednesday 15th September 2021. The deadline for applications is Sunday 8th August 2021.

Apply to join Pump Street's Trainee Programme

Apply Here

Best of luck to all applicants. This really is an exciting opportunity.

Are you applying for this rare-but-valuable opportunity? Let me know what tempts you in the comments below.

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