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Review: B Chocolates Honey and Sea Salt Caramels

B Chocolates Box

The recent scandal in the meat industry has been a timely reminder of the importance of understanding the provenance of what we eat.  So there's something reassuring, and also a little bit evocative, about these Honey and Sea Salt Caramels from Suffolk-based B Chocolates.

The "B" in the name refers to the bees that the business owners Fran and Phil keep to produce the honey for  these tasty caramels.

The chocolates came a few days after I ordered them online - a charming email from Fran let me know she'd received the order and would be sending them off to me promptly - and are presented in a sturdy, thick brown box with handsome  embossed lettering on top. A paper ribbon around the box adds to the attractive presentation.

The caramels themselves are inside the high quality Cacao Barry Saint Domingue Origine 70 per cent chocolate couverture and look very pretty with the sea salt resting on top. They are, very simply, delicious - chewy enough to last a while and savour the enjoyment but soft enough not to stick to your teeth. The presence of the honey is enough to remind you of Fran and Phil tending to their bees in Suffolk but isn't in anyway overpowering so won't be off putting even if you don't like honey.

These great tasting sweets look great, are exceedingly more-ish and come with that invaluable sense of knowing what you're eating and where it came from. B Chocolates Honey and Sea Salt Caramels make for a great treat for yourself or the chocolate lover in your life.

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