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Review: Bluffer’s Guide to Chocolate by Neil Davey

Bluffer's Guide to Chocolate scaled


Nicely packaged with bright colouring. Don’t be misled by the image of the strawberry, however, as, in fact, there is no fresh fruit other than cacao within the pages. This book consists strictly of 100% chocolate knowledge.


At 16cm by 11cm The Bluffer’s Guide to Chocolate is nicely compact, handy for slipping into pocket or handbag for a sneaky consultation or fact check.


Smooth and very readable, with crunchy nuggets of useful information evenly dispersed throughout. There is an appealing crispness to the concisely written text, with the snap of shrewd observation.

Cocoa content

High at 100%, taking the reader from raw cacao in all its varieties through the entire chocolate-making process to finished chocolate bars and ganache creations. Despite the high cocoa content, however, the book has a natural sweetness due to the humour it is written with.


Pleasantly rounded with a good long finish lingering on in one’s mind. To quote the book, ‘chocolatey’, with citrus notes from acid comments.


A chocolate book designed for nibbling on and dipping into, rather than consuming in one sitting. The maker has skilfully blended together subjects such as the history of chocolate, the manufacture of chocolate and chocolate in culture to create a very easy-to-consume chocolate concoction.

High quality ingredients – in the form of research – well executed by a professional writer make this a very entertaining read on a delicious subject.

RRP: £6.99

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Bluffer's Guide to Chocolate Book Review

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An interesting book covering many aspects of chocolate history and manufacture, with wit and humour interjected throughout.

Depth of Content
Value For Money
Score: 3.5

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