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Review: Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles

I've always heard about Charbonnel et Walker. Mutterings here and there, whisperings about them. Lots of pretty and exclusive things on Bond Street get whispered about. While I'd never tried their famed pink champagne truffles, I'd always swooned over their packaging. Let me be clear about this: there is no sexier chocolate box in London. I'm certain of it. Neuhaus probably comes pretty close, but I don't care for their chocolates. Charbonnel et Walker have the 'I'm sorry I screwed up' gift down to a fine art. You couldn't be angry with anyone if a box of these babies was handed to you along with the apology. Take note, these will get you out of trouble. With me, at least.

The Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles are so unashamedly girly. There's no getting away from that. They're pink chocolates. In a pink box, made with strawberry pink chocolate and dusted with pink sugary stuff. Pink pink pink. But somehow, through the powers of unicorn magic and witchcraft (probably) they're not overly girly. They're actually damn sexy. The chocolate isn't too sweet, even though it looks like it will be. I had to fight a not particularly sweet-toothed boy for the last one (he lost of course). For all of their girly attributes, these chocolates aren't for kids.

That'll be because of the champagne in them, see. It sneaks up on you. At first it's delicate, and faint. Then POW! you're just a little bit high on the taste of bubbly. It's much stronger than you expect, without overpowering the flavour of the chocolate. These truffles are absolutely perfectly balanced. I'm so impressed. And I can honestly say that despite their £11.95 price tag (you get nine in that pretty box), they've got a new customer.

These are absolutely the best chocolate truffles I've ever had. The fact that they come in a super sexy box is just a bonus. Nice work, Charbonnel et Walker. Nice work indeed.

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