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Review: Hot Pineapple truffles

Hotel Chocolat Hot Pineapple Dark

These Hot Pineapple truffles are part of the Selectors range from high street chocolatiers, Hotel Chocolat. Selectors offers a changing selection of recipes using a wide range of ingredients.

These Hot Pineapple truffles take a pineapple and chilli spiced ganache and encase it in dark chocolate. On top of that is a blob of white chocolate, coloured to look like a nut.

Allowing the the 70% cocoa exterior to melt on the tongue a little offers a pleasing bitterness before you bite in and experience an eruption of sweet, delicious pineapple flavour.

Seconds later - Hotel Chocolat say you should taste their chilli after five seconds - you get a peppery kick in the back of the mouth as the chilli spice begins to dominate.

The cool pineapple and warming chilli is a great combination, making this a memorable truffle.

Hotel Chocolat Hot Pineapple Lips

Hotel Chocolat Hot Pineapple Dark Inside

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