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Review: Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Jam

Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Jam Jar

Hotel Chocolat's Raspberry Jam isn't in fact a jam, but twenty two flavoured truffles.

The truffles are playfully presented in a real glass jam jar with a thick paper across the lid making it a great looking product.

Within a milk chocolate (40% cocoa) truffle casing, each one about the size of a Malteaser, is a flavoursome raspberry flavoured white chocolate ganache. The sweet milk chocolate provides a pleasing counterbalance to the tangy hit of raspberry.

These Raspberry Jam truffles are so packed with intense, fruit flavour that it actually made me wish I could find a real raspberry jam that was quite as delicious!

Other options in Hotel Chocolat's Jam jar series are Orange Marmalade and Lemon Curd.

Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Jam Pralines

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