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Review: Ladurée Chocolate Macarons

Macarons divide people. Some hate them. Some are sick of them being everywhere and think they're too sickly sweet. I adore them. They fascinate me. Because I've tried to make them myself and I don't think there is a baked good that will leave to more stumped. There are so many ways they can go wrong. Mine always crack. They're pesky little blighters. Yet Ladurée make them look easy. They're identical and perfect and OMGSOPRETTY when they're all in a row.

They're also tasty. Always. The only time I get bored of Ladurée macarons is when I shove ten into my face at once and make myself feel sick. They're so very pure that they taste of only good things. The chocolate macarons will taste of nothing but the chocolate that goes into it. Which makes me curious about Laduree's chocolate macarons - there are two varieties. Madagascan chocolate, and standard chocolate. Both the same price at a staggeringly ridiculous £1.60 each. (I might like them, but I not stupid - I know how overpriced they are).

I tried the chocolate one first and it was excellent. The perfect amount of sweet, excellent crunch to the meringue but then melting into soft and gooey ganache. Ladurée know their stuff - it was never going to be bad. But then the Madagascan chocolate version came along and stole the show. And I don't quite know how. They look different, the latter was a mottled chocolate brown, but it's not like comparing dark chocolate to milk. It's comparing something really tasty to something really really tasty. Like when you season a steak properly. That's the difference here - perfectly fine without the bells and whistles, but oh so much better with them.

If you are going to buy macarons (and I do sometimes when I'm walking down Piccadilly) then Ladurée is the very best place to buy them. And if you're torn between the two chocolate variations, the Madagascan version is most definitely the richer, sexier and creamier version of the two so opt for that one.

Ladurée can be found in three London locations; in Harrods, in the Burlington Arcade and in Covent Garden.

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