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Review: Melt Chocolate Caramels

I know that I'm meant to go to a chocolate shop for chocolate (especially when writing for a blog about chocolate), but chocolate shop extraordinaire Melt are hiding a little secret. They've wrapped up their very best treat in pale brown parchment paper and hidden it away from the chocolate fiends. Their caramels are my very favourite things in the shop. It's the best caramel I've ever had and pushed Melt into the top spot on my favourite chocolate shops list.

Melt used to do a peanut caramel (alas no longer part of the range available on the site) that actually turned my opinion and made me fall head over heels with the nut that I'd previously ignored due to an unfortunate satay incident. They're 95p each which is that strange sort of price that isn't much money but is quite expensive for what you get, but one caramel actually keeps you happy for a very long time. Each one is so creamy and so very smooth (they're made with organic cream and butter), they're like bits of childhood happiness pinched at the ends and wrapped up in paper. The chocolate caramels don't capture my heart in the same way the peanut ones did but let's make no mistake here: I'm still not sharing any of mine with you. But I will steal yours when you're not looking and then deny it.

I'm not saying that I don't like Melt's chocolates. Oh no, their chocolate is fantastic (especially the chilli chocs). Their packaging is glorious - like the chocolate version of Tiffany. Their shop is lovely. But every time I think I'm going to come out with chocolates and truffles, I come out nibbling chocolate caramels and skipping all the way down Ledbury Road.

Melt are at 59 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London, or find them online.

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