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Review: Rococo Mixed Chocolate Selection

The Mixed Chocolate Selection from Rococo is, in my opinion, the collection that best represents the brand itself. The packaging is lush, precious and instantly recognisable. The smell is delicious and the 20 hand-made chocolates almost look too good to eat.

Retailing at £25.00, the selection, in a pretty box with a dove design, offers dark, milk and white chocolate filled with intriguing and sensual flavours. Some have cheeky names such as Venus Nipples: a coffee truffle covered in white chocolate and topped with a chocolate coffee bean.

The eclectic array of chocolates includes Rose and Violet Creams in Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate-Coated Stem Ginger, Pink Champagne and Dark Chilli Chocolate Truffles, Almond Marzipans,  Lemon Praline, Orange with Mango and Passion Fruit Jelly ganache in Milk Chocolate and last but not least Rose, Raspberry and Lychee Ganache in Dark Chocolate.

There is a common theme running throughout the selection: all Rococo's chocolates are bold. The selection in dark chocolate such as the rose cream, violet filling and stem ginger blend are memorable and stay with you long after the chocolates themselves have disappeared.

The downside of such an explosion of flavours is that at times, the mixture is too complex, my palate couldn't cope with the Orange with Mango and Passion Fruit Jelly ganache.

My personal favourites were:

- The Chilli Truffle, double coated in a fine quality dark chocolate. This light truffle tickles gently the taste buds leaving you wanting for more.

- Truffes Roses au Marc de Champagne. All girly in its baby pink covering, but don't be fouled this is a chocolate with an attitude.

- From the English selection comes the Violet Cream which is exactly that: creamy and tasting of violet, reminiscent of a bygone era.

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