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Review: Venchi Chocolate Cigar – Nougatine

Made in Italy by Venchi chocolatiers, these chocolate cigars have been modelled on the Cuban smoke and are very realistic indeed. Tightly-rolled bundles with a red and gold tag which immediately gives an impression of class. These are novelty items on which you can rely as a presents.

Since producing the original, an cigar with candied orange centre, the range has expended to include another 2 different flavours: Meringue and Nougatine, sparing no effort for I tasted the latter.

First impressions: long: 19cm, thick: 100g, nicely presented in a double wrapper first a cellophane next a brown aluminium one. Once unwrapped they reveal a ripple chocolate cigar shape.

But what does it taste like? armed with a cup of coffee, I set myself to work. It is best cut in smaller chunks using a knife. The first bite is rather satisfying when one hits the double layer of chocolate, milk (33% cocoa) and dark (56% cocoa) before getting into the filling, a delicious crunchy caramelized hazelnut praline made with Piedmont nuts. All the ingredients spell out 'good quality.' I can think of no better cigar to have with a cup of coffee.

Think of it as a present and not as an ordinary chocolate bar only because of the price, £4.75 per cigar, however there is nothing in the books which says that the gift should not be for you.

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