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Review: Venchi Pure Extra Dark Bar 85%

Venchi Pure Extra Dark Bar 85% packaging

Venchi positions itself in the market as an "atelier of confectionery art whose aim is to transform cocoa in an extraordinary experience". It may be so but make no mistake this is an artisan outfit with an industrial infrastructure. The company distributes its chocolates as far as China and the States.

85% ranks extremely high on the cocoa content scale. At that level, the chocolate is bitter but surprisingly, this Venchi bar is a little creamy and though it is bitter, the bitterness is not overwhelming but the intensity is. Indeed, this is a dark chocolate with a fatty texture, the squares break neatly, melt quickly in the mouth and the acid dark flavour after-taste with an hint of vanilla will remain on your palate for a quite while.

Each square is small with a rounded top, the brand's logo and "1878", the date Venchi was born are imprinted - a little touch of class. The Cuor di Cacao 85% Venchi bar is made with a rare and fine cacao bean, the Criollo bean. Only a few true Criollo trees remain in the world so if only for the experience you should get a bar when you see one. However be aware 85% is an acquired taste unless you are a dark chocolate aficionado, Venchi's Cuor di Cacao 85% might be more a talking point than a real pleasure.

Venchi Pure Extra Dark Bar 85%

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