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Independent, unbiased reviews of some of the best chocolates available in the UK from leading chocolatiers.

Mast Brothers Belize Chocolate 70g

Review: Mast Brothers: Belize Chocolate (70% cacao) and Dick Taylor: 72% Belize, Toledo

April 17 2015

A few months ago, renowned chef Michel Roux Junior was lambasted on social media for declaring that France was the home of chocolate. His critics had a point – the craft of chocolate making has long since been taken up elsewhere, and while France might still claim to be the historical home of chocolate, superb chocolatiers have emerged from all around the world in recent years, including from that once […]

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Vicens Turrón a la Sal

Review: Catalan Food and Wine: Torrons Vicens Turrón a la sal, and Vicens Xocolata a la pedra (with cinnamon)

February 20 2015

Xocolata a la Pedra There’s hot chocolate. Then there’s Spanish hot chocolate. And then there’s arguably the most authentic of all hot chocolates, xocolata a la pedra, which takes its name from the way the chocolate slabs used to be made. Pure cocoa beans were toasted over a fire, and then ground – while still hot – to a fine powder on a large grinding stone, using a heavy stone […]

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Pump Street Bakery Grenada 70% bar

Pump Street Bakery Grenada 70% Bean To Bar Review

February 2 2015

While few would argue that London chocolatiers such as Paul A. Young, Marc Demarquette, and William Curley have done much to put the UK on the map in recent years with their innovative chocolate making, there’s no doubt that some provincial producers, out there in the sticks, are catching up. Amongst their number is the Pump Street Bakery in Suffolk. Far from being the laidback country bumpkin cousin, Pump Street […]

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Rococo Spice Island 65% Dark Chocolate

Review: Rococo Spice Island Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar

January 7 2015

Never mind Spice Island – if you’re unaware of the enormous contribution to the chocolate industry made by Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo, over the past quarter of a century, you must have been on a desert island far, far away. Recently honoured with an OBE for her efforts (uniquely, ‘for services to chocolate making’), Coady has not only succeeded in building her highly acclaimed chocolate empire from scratch in […]

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Paul A Young Seasonal Selection box

Review: Paul A Young Seasonal Selection

November 26 2014

Some folk love winter: the chance to go for bracing walks, to cosy up by the fire, to snuggle under woollen blankets, and to drink a tot of brandy or three, are all part of the season’s appeal. I have to confess that I’m not one of those people. For me, the only saving grace of the cold is the food. Pot roasts, meaty slow-cooked stews, sturdy puds, warming spices, […]

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Gelatorino chocolate ice cream

The Charms of Chocolate Ice Cream

August 15 2014

In the warm summer months ice cream takes on a special appeal, and for chocolate-lovers, of course, there is chocolate ice cream and chocolate sorbet to turn to . . . Chocolate and ice cream combine two treats together, but what are the culinary challenges involved? To get an insight into the process of working with chocolate to make ice cream, talked to both a noted chocolatier, Damian Allsop, […]

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