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Bluffer's Guide to Chocolate book

Review: Bluffer’s Guide to Chocolate by Neil Davey

June 18 2014

Appearance: Nicely packaged with bright colouring. Don’t be misled by the image of the strawberry, however, as, in fact, there is no fresh fruit other than cacao within the pages. This book consists strictly of 100% chocolate knowledge. Size: At 16cm by 11cm The Bluffer’s Guide to Chocolate is nicely compact, handy for slipping into pocket or handbag for a sneaky consultation or fact check. Texture: Smooth and very readable, […]

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Rococo Bird of Paradise Easter Eggs box

Review: Rococo Bird of Paradise Eggs

April 7 2014

Chantal Coady’s Rococo has always delighted in offering fine chocolates which are at once witty and delightful. This Easter sees Rococo bringing out Bird of Paradise eggs, presented in the small, clear plastic packaging usually used to hold fresh quail’s eggs. The cardboard sleeve, however, has been designed by Chantal Coady and resembles a piece of rich brocade, adorned with a purple pattern and three sinuous,  long-necked colourful birds of […]

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Marc Demarquette Easter eggs

Review: Chocolate Easter Eggs Filled With Caramel from Marc Demarquette

March 25 2014

British chocolatier Marc Demarquette is noted for his elegant way with chocolate. This Easter sees Marc bringing out a  boxed collection of 12 caramel-filled chocolate Easter eggs. The eggs arrive securely and neatly packaged in a small, smart, matt black cardboard box with its gleaming gold Demarquette logo and discreet legend ‘Demarquette fine chocolates’ –  distinctly sophisticated packaging, which hints at grown-up pleasures to come. Opening the box and unwrapping […]

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Amanod Morobe chocolate unwrapped

Review: Amano Morobe bar

November 13 2013

American, artisan, bean-bar chocolate makers Amano have a wonderful reputation and increasingly one can find their chocolate bars on sale in the UK, stocked by shops including Alexeeva & Jones. The distinctly handsome black packaging, with its small discreet picture of a tropical scene evoking the far-away and exotic, sets the bar high for what’s within, suggesting that this is chocolate to be taken seriously. On offer within is Papuan […]

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Amerlia Rope Pecan chocolate bar open

Review: Amelia Rope Chocolate Bars

September 23 2013

London-based chocolatier Amelia Rope is known for her striking, chocolate bars, with their simple but effective flavour combinations, for which she has a loyal following. Pale Honey Roasted Pecan Nut & Sea Salt – Limited edition (only available at Fortnum and Mason’s) Amelia Rope has an eye for packaging, with her chocolate bars at once distinctively pared down but also elegant and appealing. Here the brown paper outer wrapper with […]

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Chocolate Brownie Taste Test’s Great Big Chocolate Brownie Round-up

June 3 2013

There is no doubting the Great British appetite for chocolate brownies. Around the country, brownies are sold in cafes, bakeries, chocolate shops and market stalls, with cyberspace, too, hosting a number of website brownie businesses.  Food blogger Helen Parkins (aka A Forkful of Spaghetti and A Kentish Kitchen), herself a brownie aficionado, feels that  the appeal of brownies lies firstly in “that perennial favourite chocolate. A good brownie will tick […]

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