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Review: B Chocolates Honey and Sea Salt Caramels

February 17 2013

The recent scandal in the meat industry has been a timely reminder of the importance of understanding the provenance of what we eat.  So there’s something reassuring, and also a little bit evocative, about these Honey and Sea Salt Caramels from Suffolk-based B Chocolates. The “B” in the name refers to the bees that the business owners Fran and Phil keep to produce the honey for  these tasty caramels. The […]

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Review: Butlers Milk Chocolate Truffle and Caramel Crunch

August 19 2011

Butlers Chocolates of Ireland base their marketing strategy on happiness, describing themselves as “purveyors of happiness.” They have enlisted William Blake, Albert Camus and my favourite contemporary philosopher – Ms Anonymous – to describe happiness. If to provide happiness is Butlers’ job description, mine is to  put their statements and products to the test. I started with two bars, Butlers Milk Chocolate Truffle and Butlers Caramel Crunch. First to the […]

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