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Flavour files: Chocolatiers using floral flavours to say it with flowers

February 10 2014

One of chocolate’s great assets from a culinary point of view is the wide range of flavours which go well with it. Scented flowers have long had a tradition of being used to flavour confectionary and a number of today’s chocolatiers are continuing to explore the possibilities floral flavours offer. One traditional way of using flowers in British confectionary is in rose or violet fondant creams, available to this day […]

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Charlie and the Chocolatiers

May 16 2013

Ever since Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published in 1964 it has enchanted generations of children. Dahl’s vivid, grippingly-told story of a poor boy named Charlie Bucket who loves chocolate and who, through the astonishingly lucky chance of finding a golden ticket, visits Willie Wonka’s mysterious and wonderful chocolate factory is an imaginative tour de force. The mercurial figure of Willie Wonka – creative chocolate genius, […]

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Love and Chocolate

February 14 2013

Chocolate and romance are now inextricably linked together in the popular imagination. Sales of chocolate soar in preparation for today, Valentine’s Day, as people purchase chocolate tokens of their affection for their significant others. Intriguingly, the world of chocolate is filled with couples working together. William Curley and his Japanese wife Suzue met while they were both working as patissiers at The Savoy and set up William Curley, their own […]

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The Cost of Cocoa: examines the cocoa market

June 2 2011

The recent political turmoil in the Ivory Coast, the world’s largest cocoa producer, has focussed attention on the issue of cocoa production and the cost of cocoa. “Because of the uncertainty in the Ivory Coast, international cocoa prices have been at their highest in more than three decades recently,” explains Gary Mead, editor of agricommodities website World Crops. “The Ivory Coast’s new president, Alassane Ousttara, called for a suspension of […]

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Chocolatiers celebrate at Academy of Chocolate Awards party

May 19 2011

Leading chocolatiers from around the world gathered together in the elegant surroundings of Fortnum and Mason’s, London, last night for the celebratory Academy of Chocolate Awards party – the UK’s chocolate equivalent of the Oscars. Ever since it was founded in 2005, the Academy, in the words of its founder Sara Jayne-Stanes, “has sought to educate people about the difference between real chocolate and chocolate confectionary full of sugar”. Sarah […]

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