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Posts on that mention Charbonnel et Walker, the well known chocolate makers who are based in Mayfair, London.

Review: Charbonnel et Walker Dark Marc de Champagne Bar

September 29 2011

I’m not the biggest fan of dark chocolate. I like smooth, milky and creamy, so picking up a Dark Marc de Champagne Bar in Charbonnel et Walker was probably a strange choice. But I had already bought the pink champagne truffles, so that ruled out that variation. And I was swindled by the packaging. In what world does a dark chocolate bar go in a white box? That’s just cheating. […]

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Review: Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles

August 31 2011

I’ve always heard about Charbonnel et Walker. Mutterings here and there, whisperings about them. Lots of pretty and exclusive things on Bond Street get whispered about. While I’d never tried their famed pink champagne truffles, I’d always swooned over their packaging. Let me be clear about this: there is no sexier chocolate box in London. I’m certain of it. Neuhaus probably comes pretty close, but I don’t care for their […]

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Charbonnel et Walker launch new truffles

February 22 2011

Charbonnel et Walker has added to its popular champagne truffles range with the new Dark Marc de Champagne Truffles. Mayfair-based Charbonnel describe the new chocolate as a “delicious, handmade creation of a dark chocolate and Marc de Champagne truffle centre, enrobed in the finest dark chocolate and lightly dusted in cocoa powder.” The Dark Marc de Champagne Truffles are available now from Charbonnel et Walker outlets and other stockists.

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