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Love and Chocolate

February 14 2013

Chocolate and romance are now inextricably linked together in the popular imagination. Sales of chocolate soar in preparation for today, Valentine’s Day, as people purchase chocolate tokens of their affection for their significant others. Intriguingly, the world of chocolate is filled with couples working together. William Curley and his Japanese wife Suzue met while they were both working as patissiers at The Savoy and set up William Curley, their own […]

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Cocoa Mountain chocolatiers “never want to leave” Durness

January 30 2013

TWO English chocolatiers say they don’t want to leave the Scottish village in which they chose to set up their business, Cocoa Mountain. A sheriff has just found the case against them to be unproven after an altercation with a local man which they say followed years of homophobic abuse. Following the “not proven” verdict which exists under Scottish law, the Daily Mail reported that Maden and Findlay were being driven […]

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