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Articles on that we call the Flavour Files, where we explore the use of particular flavours in confectionery by top chocolatiers.

Flavour files: Chocolatiers using floral flavours to say it with flowers

February 10 2014

One of chocolate’s great assets from a culinary point of view is the wide range of flavours which go well with it. Scented flowers have long had a tradition of being used to flavour confectionary and a number of today’s chocolatiers are continuing to explore the possibilities floral flavours offer. One traditional way of using flowers in British confectionary is in rose or violet fondant creams, available to this day […]

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The Flavour Files: A Touch of Orange

January 25 2013

Among the joys of working with chocolate (and, indeed, eating it) is that it can be flavoured in so many different ways. In addition to the many flavours present in quality chocolate itself, chocolatiers and chocolate manufacturers have a huge range of ingredients to use – a rich palette of flavours to work with. One of the classic flavour combinations is chocolate and orange – represented across the chocolate spectrum […]

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