Chocolatier > Fortnum & Mason guide to Chocolate Christmas Gifts

December 12 2012

Here’s’s guide to great gifts you could buy the chocolate lovers in your family this Christmas. Stocking Fillers Rootling through a Christmas stocking is just the best way to start Christmas day. Alongside traditional gold-wrapped chocolate coins, there are lots of witty chocolate novelties to choose from. From the ever-creative team at Dorset-based Chococo, seasonal new offerings include Chocolate-studded Snowballs in assorted flavours and pretty Festive Chocolate Picture Bars. […]

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What’s in store for chocolate lovers this Easter?

April 3 2012

If Andy Williams was crooning a song about Easter, he would surely describe it as the most chocolatey time of the year.  So with Easter almost upon us, decided to check out what some of the top chocolatiers have got planned. Award winning chocolatier William Curley has put together a range of fantastic eggs made using Amedei chocolate with a selection of surprises inside to tempt any tastebud. In […]

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Review: Fortnum & Mason Florentines

February 24 2012

Dare I say this on a chocolate website? Yes. Sometimes, chocolate is too… chocolatey. It’s sometimes too sweet, it’s not always what you fancy and you might like something else to with it (that’s why McVitities invented the Chocolate Hobnob). Not instead of, just with. And that’s where the florentine comes into its own. The florentine is like a fruity, chocolatey, toffee-ey (it’s a word, shush now) treat. I can […]

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Review: Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Box

September 8 2011

Fortnum & Mason is a mix of hilarious and intimidating. Hilarious because I’m sure some tourists think that us Londoners shop there all the time. And intimidating because oh my goodness it’s fancy. Did you know that you can spend over eighty quid on honey? And that there’s even a waiting list for some varieties? It’s swanky here. But the key thing is that while you’re paying for a name, […]

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