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London is home to some of the top chocolatiers in the country and these articles are specifically about buying chocolate and chocolate drinks in the capital.

An appetising taste of Akesson’s chocolate

November 21 2014

The rise of high-end chocolate shops in London is a sign of the interest in quality chocolate in the UK. In recent years, talented chocolatiers, such as Paul A Young, have opened shops in the capital, while Alexeeva & Jones curates and showcases fine chocolate from an array of chocolate makers and chocolatiers. The arrival of Akesson’s chocolate shop in Notting Hill, however, represents something different – a direct route […]

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Selfridges opens exciting new Chocolate Library

April 17 2014

In an exciting new addition to London’s chocolate shopping scene, Selfridges has now opened a ‘Chocolate Library’ featuring over 400 chocolate bars in its refurbished and expanded Confectionary Hall, complete with a Chocarian to helpfully guide you through what’s on offer. Strikingly laid out along a long wall, the assorted bars, with packaging ranging from discreet to flamboyant, are an appealing sight. While, sadly, one can’t ‘borrow’ a chocolate bar […]

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January 18 2013

One good thing about a cold snap – it offers a very good excuse indeed to indulge in a hot chocolate – the perfect comfort drink for winter weather. The day when ‘hot chocolate’ meant simply a teaspoon of mass-produced, sweetened cocoa powder mixed with hot water are long gone. Nowadays, chocolatiers around London offer a range of hot chocolates to drink. Ingredients range from melted chocolate to cocoa powder […]

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Chocolate Museum opens in south London

January 15 2013

A NEW permanent exhibition about Chocolate has opened at the Chocolate Museum in south London. Visitors to the main display at the Chocolate Museum in Brixton can learn about the origins of chocolate and fascinating images and artefacts. Further exhibitions are planned to explain the impact of chocolate across Europe and historic tools, cups and boxes. Daily workshops are also planned at the Chocolate Museum and chocolate from a range […]

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Preview: The Chocolate Festival, South Bank Centre

December 2 2011

These days the South Bank Centre in London isn’t only a cultural centre but, with its regular Real Food Market and food festivals, something of a foodie-shopping destination as well. This winter, chocolate takes centre stage at the South Bank as from Friday December 9 to Sunday December 11 an array of leading chocolatiers and their chocolate creations will be on show at the Chocolate Festival at the South Bank. […]

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Review: Melt Chocolate Caramels

October 27 2011

I know that I’m meant to go to a chocolate shop for chocolate (especially when writing for a blog about chocolate), but chocolate shop extraordinaire Melt are hiding a little secret. They’ve wrapped up their very best treat in pale brown parchment paper and hidden it away from the chocolate fiends. Their caramels are my very favourite things in the shop. It’s the best caramel I’ve ever had and pushed […]

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