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Paul A Young has established himself as one of the most exciting chocolatiers around and these articles follow his latest progress.

Top 10 Easter Eggs for Grown Ups

March 24 2015

Thanks to Britain’s buoyant chocolate scene, Easter Day is no longer solely the preserve of young children. There are now some distinctly grown-up Easter treats out there, perfect for gifts for your beloved or as an indulgent treat for yourself. From the talented chocolatier Mark Demarquette comes his playful Hot Cross Easter Eggs, a box of six dainty, little, subtly hued chocolate eggs,  each filled with a soft-textured, thick, flavoured […]

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Valentine’s Day: British Chocolatiers’ Creativity

February 3 2015

Spare a thought for our hard-working chocolatiers, with their work calendar dominated by key dates – Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter –  all of which require them to produce chocolates created especially for these occasions. The relentless schedule can be “daunting,” laughs Marc Demarquette of Demarquette Fine Chocolates, “because you have to come up with something new to demonstrate your skill, your craft.” On the other hand, Marc confesses that […]

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Review: Paul A Young Seasonal Selection

November 26 2014

Some folk love winter: the chance to go for bracing walks, to cosy up by the fire, to snuggle under woollen blankets, and to drink a tot of brandy or three, are all part of the season’s appeal. I have to confess that I’m not one of those people. For me, the only saving grace of the cold is the food. Pot roasts, meaty slow-cooked stews, sturdy puds, warming spices, […]

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Afternoon tea… with chocolate by Paul A Young

March 27 2014

Pastry and chocolate have a special affinity in culinary terms. Many of our talented contemporary chocolatiers first learnt how to work with chocolate during their time as patissiers– Damian Allsop, William Curley, Paul Wayne Gregory and Barry Johnson of Rococo to name just a few examples. With this in mind, it’s good, therefore, to see hotels working with chocolatiers to help create special menus for their afternoon teas, as Grosvernor […]

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Hand-crafted chocolates at Heal’s furniture store

November 20 2013

London’s vibrant chocolate scene continues to see more high-end chocolate shops opening, offering chocolate-lovers more and more opportunity to indulge their craving. In a particularly appropriate match, Heal’s – the famous furniture store on Tottenham Court Road, noted for championing furniture design – will now be home to artisan chocolatier Paul A. Young’s latest chocolaterie. In a prime spot in the shop’s entrance, this small but stylish space showcases not […]

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Charlie and the Chocolatiers

May 16 2013

Ever since Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published in 1964 it has enchanted generations of children. Dahl’s vivid, grippingly-told story of a poor boy named Charlie Bucket who loves chocolate and who, through the astonishingly lucky chance of finding a golden ticket, visits Willie Wonka’s mysterious and wonderful chocolate factory is an imaginative tour de force. The mercurial figure of Willie Wonka – creative chocolate genius, […]

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