Chocolatier > Thorntons guide to Chocolate Christmas Gifts

December 12 2012

Here’s’s guide to great gifts you could buy the chocolate lovers in your family this Christmas. Stocking Fillers Rootling through a Christmas stocking is just the best way to start Christmas day. Alongside traditional gold-wrapped chocolate coins, there are lots of witty chocolate novelties to choose from. From the ever-creative team at Dorset-based Chococo, seasonal new offerings include Chocolate-studded Snowballs in assorted flavours and pretty Festive Chocolate Picture Bars. […]

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Diamond Jubilee inspires British chocolatiers’ creativity

May 29 2012

As you might have noticed, 2012 is the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics – a big year for Britain. Across the chocolate world, a wave of patriotic creativity is apparent – from crown-shaped Jubilee pralines in House of Dorchester’s Flying the Flag range (below) to Thorntons’ Best of British hamper°. Royalty and Britishness are, in effect, flavours of the year, and creative chocolatiers have risen to […]

Read More’s hot chocolate taste test

May 14 2012

For much of its history, chocolate has been consumed in liquid form as a drink, rather than eaten as a solid. Ground cocoa, sweetened with sugar and flavoured with aromatic spices, was mixed with water or milk to make drinking chocolate. During the 17th century in Europe chocolate houses, like coffee houses, became popular places in which to meet and talk and sample this exotic new drink, hot chocolate. Not […]

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What’s in store for chocolate lovers this Easter?

April 3 2012

If Andy Williams was crooning a song about Easter, he would surely describe it as the most chocolatey time of the year.  So with Easter almost upon us, decided to check out what some of the top chocolatiers have got planned. Award winning chocolatier William Curley has put together a range of fantastic eggs made using Amedei chocolate with a selection of surprises inside to tempt any tastebud. In […]

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Interview with Keith Hurdman, Thorntons’ Master Chocolatier

March 23 2012

Thorntons’ Master Chocolatier, Keith Hurdman was recently presented with the Chocolatier of the Year award, the industry’s most prestigious prize. But he started out on the awards trail young. By 19, he had already won a national prize for bakery. “At that age, it is hard not to believe your own publicity” he says with a broad smile. “I thought I was really good. I had studied bakery, confectionery and […]

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